Friday, July 5, 2019

Better Late Than Never

My poor Mini Hazel has been in my possession for almost three years. And been in progress for two of those. I have had the best intentions of finishing her several times the last year but always seem to have lost my inspiration or something happens to make me put her back on the body shelf.

Last time I put her back was rather close to finishing her body colour and then she fell and broke an ear. I manged to fix the ear but was so bummed about it happening that I put her back on the shelf.

And there she stood for awhile before I decided to bring her out again and finishing her.

And lo and behold, I managed to finish her! 

I am pretty sure that this is the first model I have painted that has no white markings but I still think she is quite stunning. And besides, as I plan to show her as a Cleveland Bay, white markings (besides a small star) are not allowed.

I Finished her base in a simple, light beige colour that will do for now but I might spice fix it up later when I have decided on how I would like it to look.

I quite like how she turned out and I am SO happy that I have finally managed to finish her!

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