Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Liveshow Part 3 Mini Plastic

The mini plastic division of this show didn't have as many championships as the other divisions but there were still a lot of models of good quality.

As you've probably gotten used to by now, we began with the foal division. I had 5 foals to show in this championship and they did quite well. Angel (Sm. Galopping foal rr T. Wolmer) took second in the warmblood foal class. Chance (Sm. Scrambling foal rr T. Wolmer) and Dun To Be Perfect (Sm. Scrambling Foal OF) took fourth and fifth in the stockhorse foal class and Bellami (Sm. Scrambling Foal rep. A. Gustafsson) and Troublemaker (Sm. Scrambling Foal rr T. Wolmer) took first and second in the pony foal class.

The champion title went to the winner of the other foal class, a paso fino foal and the reserve title went to the quarterhorse foal who won the stockhorse class.

Champion Foal: Montana, Sm. Prancing Foal rep. C. Clifford
Champion Foal Reserve: Choc Chip Dip, PS Chips Foal DAC OF
Arabians was a hard championship to judge with any good models but in the end it was a repainted breyer mare who claimed the champion title with a Peter Stone OF as reserve.

Champion Arabian: Ahvaz Farah, Sm. Arabian Mare rep. S. Nordström
Champion Arabian Reserve: Al-Hadiye, PS Chips Mini Me Moonshadow FC OF
Once again the Asian/African/Oceanian wasn't very big but the akhal-tekes ruled the championship claiming both the champion and reserve titles.

Champion Asian/African/Oceanian: Nika J, PS Chips TB rrh S. Nordström
Champion Asian/African/Oceanian: Kalinka, Sm. Native Dancer rep. S. Nordström
In this division the stockhorses showed in the same championship as the american breeds. I had 5 horses to show in this division (2 of which I've painted myself and finished the morning of the show...) Since You Don't Love Me (Sm. G2 ASB rep. A. Gustafsson) made me proud placing second behind another Sm. G2 ASB repaint. Diamond (Sm. G2 ASB OF) took fourth in the same class. My roan quarterhorse Knocks My Socks Off (Sm. G2 Stockhorse OF) took fourth in the quarterhorse class.

In the paint class my Splinter In My Soul (Sm. G2 Stockhorse repaint by me) placed second and I even got some compliments from the judge on him! My other repaint, Adria (Sm. G2 paso rep. by me) also took second in her class.

After seeing my own customs do so good I wasn't really paying to much attention on the championship voting but my own Since You Don't Love Me got champion reserve behind the ASB who won their class.

Champion American: Silver Cloud, Sm. G2 ASB rep. H. Bullach
Champion American Reserve: Since You Don't Love Me, Sm. G2 ASB rep. A. Gustafsson
Onto sporthorses and once again this was the championship where I have most horses (six) to show in the same championship. First Spring (Sm. G2 TB OF) got third in her class. Royal's Mexican Heat (Sm. G2 TB rr. S. Nordström) took second in her class. Baccardi (Sm. G4 Dressage OF) and my third repaint Lacoste (Sm. G2 WB rep by me) showed in the same class and took third and fourth. In the Warmblood mare class my Symphony D (Sm. G3 Warmblood rr S. Nordström) and Artemis (Sm. G4 Driving OF) took second and third. The champion was the thoroughbred who bet Royal's Mexican Heat in the custom thoroughbred class and the reserve was the winner of the warmblood stallion class.

Champion Sporthorse: Endless Riviera xx, Sm. G2 TB cm P. Nilsson
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Parentes VS, Sm. G4 WB cm S. Nordström
I actually had two horses to show in the drafthorse championship. Neither of them did too good, both placing fifth out of five. It was fun to see that the champion title went to a fjordhorse (since I might be a little biased to the breed) and the reserve title went to a beautifully painted PS Chips Drafthorse.

Champion Drafter: Pollyglittra, Sm. Para-Dressage cm P. Nilsson
Champion Drafter Reserve: Cedrik, PS Chips rep. A. Gustafsson
In the pony championship I only had one horse to show, Espri (Sm. G3 WB OF), unfortunately it wasn't her day, placing fifth out of five in her class. The champion title went to an adorable shetland pony and the reserve title went to welsh cob customized from a sm. friesian.

Champion Pony: Matilda, CollectA Shetland cm S. Nordström
Champion Pony Reserve: Björkhaga Bright Knight, Sm. Friesian cm P. Nilsson
The last championship of this division was the wild/crossbred/other equus and it had a nice blend of longears, crossbreds and mustangs. In the end the champion title went to a mule and the reserve title went to a really nice crossbred.

Champion Wild/Crossbred/Other Equus: Bäret, PS Chips Mula cm S. Nordström
Champion Wild/Crossbred/Other Equus Reserve: Neo J, Sm. G3 TB rep. A-K Uhlén
When all the champions where crowned it became time to vote for the Best in Show and reserve. It wasn't easy to choose who to vote for but in the end the Best in Show title went to...

Silver Cloud, the ASB!

and the reserve title went to...

Pollyglittra, the fjordhorse!

Best In Show: Silver Cloud, Sm. G2 ASB rep. H. Bullach
Best In Show Reserve: Pollyglittra, Sm. Para-Dressage cm P. Nilsson
That was all for the show report. Next post will contain some pictures of some of the winners from the special shows and photos of some of my favourite models.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Show report part 2 Resin

After the Plastic division it was time for the Resin division. I don't have a whole lot of resins (just realised I have a more then I thought but they're unpainted) so I only had 9 models to show in this division.

First up was, as before, the foal championship. My cute little Helios (Mink Oliver rep. S. Kern) was shown in this division and he took third in his class. I had hoped he'd do a little better but he had good competition so I'm happy with him anyway. The winner of his class, a sweet little Dancing Daisy resin went on to be champion reserve behind an adorable little longeared donkey foal.

Champion Foal: Ölandstokens Tårta, RC Honey rep. S. Nordström
Champion Foal Reserve: Myrelle, RC Dancing Daisy cm S. Nordström
The arabian championship was one of the larger championships and it contained many nice models. My own Athame (AA Sabiha ret.) took third in her class behind an Eberl Mahiba painted by G. Schmitt and an AA Sabiha cm S. Nordström. The winners of this championship tend to do good in shows (they are very well done) so it was no suprise that they did go this time too.

Champion Arabian: Ahvaz Fahd, RC Nahar rep. Sheri Rhodes
Champion Arabian Reserve: Ahvaz Aslan, RC Khemosabi rep. Sheri Rhodes
The Asian/African/Oceanian championship was once again not very big but that doesn't mean that it wasn't competitive. There where several nice resins but in the end the champion title went to a Sarah Rose mini Marwari and the reserve title went to a Sarah Rose Khan.

Champion Asian/African/Oceanian: Sindhurakghak, RC Mini Marwari rep. S. Nordström
Champion Asian/African/Oceanian Reserve: SD Alexej, RC Khan rep. Kathy Curtis
After the Asian/African/Oceanian championship it was time for the American championship. It was another small championship but as for the Asian/African/Oceanian championship, it was competitive. In the end the Covenants proved most popular with a first and a second for Covenant Kepts and a third place for a Covenant Renewed. The two Covenant Kepts also claimed the champion and reserve titles.

Champion American: Viewhill Champagne, RC WBP Covenant Kept rep. M. Mistretta
Champion American Reserve: Golden Romance, WBP Covenant Kept rep by ?
Stockhorses followed the American championship and despite the fact that there were many nice stockhorse breeds it proved to be the day of the quarterhorses in the resin show. The champion was the winner of the quarterhorse stallion/gelding class and the reserve was the one placing second in the same class.

Champion Stockhorse: R. Dirty Cash, RRQH #1 Carol Williams
Champion Stockhorse Reserve: R. Blue Mist Bandit, RC Lonestar rep. K. Schick
Next championship was one that I had high hopes for, since I had three of my nine horses entered here. My thoroughbred mare Lost All Hope (Kitty Didit rep. L. Lawrynovicz) got third in her class which I considered a good result.

Both Belize (Eberl Genoveva rep. S. Nordström) and Chester VS (Eberl Caitano rep. S. Nordström) showed in the same class, and as usual, I had high hopes for them, until I saw the class list. If you ask me, the resin warmblood class has consistently been one of the most competitive classes the last shows I've been to. This time it was all models (mostly Eberl warmbloods) repainted or customized by S. Nordström. Seeing the starting field I thought that my horses might place third and fourth out of five with a gorgeous Eberl Willoughby (probably my favourite of the entire show!) as first and a beautiful Eberl Firenze as second. I was wrong. Chester VS won the class and I was thrilled! The beautiful Willoughby came in second with my Belize as third, the Firenze as fourth and a really nice customized Giovanni as fifth.

It seems like I have a tendency to underestimate Chester VS. He usually does very well for me. This time he outdid himself, claiming the champion title, beating Ciderprinsen J who claimed the champion reserve title. So it really was Chester's day this time.

Champion Sporthorse: Chester VS, Eberl Caitano rep. S. Nordström
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Ciderprinsen J, Eberl Sioux rep S. Nordström
There weren't too many European breeds to attend this show so it was quite a small championship with lots of nice models. The lusitanos did best for the day claiming both champion and champion reserve titles. 

I've only seen Eberl's Vincenzo in porcelain but I thought he was even more impressing in the resin form.

Champion European: Importante J, Eberl Vincenzo rep. S. Nordström
Champion European Reserve: Madrid J, RC Matador rep. S. Nordström
The drafthorse championship was quite tough and my Ayers Rock Brigadör (MM Brigadier rep. A. Gustafsson) placed third out of three in his class. The winner of Brigadör's class, Dark Shadow, went on to win the champion title with a beautiful Tiny shown as a North Swedish Drafthorse as reserve.

Champion Drafter: Dark Shadow, Eberl Adonis rep. P. Lawson
Champion Drafter Reserve: Viggo, RC Tiny rep. P. Lawson
I always say that I don't have alot of ponies but some how they must've multiplied because I had three to show in the division. A lot of breeds were represented and my horses represented two different breeds. Lady Louisa (Sifton Pasha rep. S. Nordström) and If I Could Dream (HA Misty Dawn rep. A. Gustafsson) placed third and fourth in the riding pony class. The winner of the riding pony class claimed the champion reserve title with a cute shetland pony as the champion. My third horse in the championship, Epsilon (NL New Forest OF) came second in the other ponies class.

Champion Pony: Al Capone, RC Kipling rep. S. Nordström
Champion Pony Reserve: Bon Power, RC Rasam rh S. Nordström
The crossbred class was probably one of the biggest classes in the entire show with a lot of different crosses. The winner of the crossbred class was also the reserve champion. The winner of the wild horse class claimed the champion title.
Champion Wild/Crossbred: Shilah J, RC Caldero rep. S. Nordström
Champion Wild/Crossbred Reserve: TO Alistair, Lakeshore Marshall OF
The last championship of the show was the other equus, even though it in this case only consisted of "longears". The winner was a very worthy mule with a cute donkey (mother of the donkey foal claiming the champion foal title), as reserve.

Champion Other Equus: Alfons, RC Hey Mule rep. C. Jolly
Champion Other Equus Reserve: Bonnie, RC Blossom rep. S. Nordström
The other equus championship was the last championship in this division and it was time to crown the Best in Show and Best in Show Reserve. Of course I hoped for Chester but the callback table was really tough so I didn't expect him to claim any of the bigger titles (I was still thrilled that he won his class and claimed a champion title that I didn't really need him to do more). The Best in Show title was won by Importante J, the lusitano and the reserve title went to Alfons, the mule.

Best In Show Resin: Importante J, Eberl Vincenzo rep. S. Nordström
Best In Show Resin Reserve: Alfons, RC Hey Mule rep. C. Jolly
When they where crowned it was time to bring in the Best in Show from the Plastic division to crown a Grand Best In Show and Reserve.

The Grand Best In Show title went to...
Grand Best In Show: Importante J, Eberl Vincenzo rep. S. Nordström 
Importante J!

And the Grand Best In Show Reserve went to...

Grand Best In Show Reserve: Crownhill Malackey, Tr. Pony of America CM P. Nilsson
Crownhill Malackey, the Best in Show of the Plastic division.

Next part will cover the results from the Mini plastic division.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Show report part 1 Plastic OF and CM

Last Saturday I attended a liveshow an hour drive from home. The show was divided into three divisions; Plastic OF and CM, Resin and others and Mini Plastic. It also had 5 smaller divisions were we where allowed to have 5 entries per owner. The smaller divisions were; Performance, Clinkies (they were also allowed to show in the resin and others division), Novice, Customs by owner and Fantasy/Decorators. I had approximately 45 models to show in these divisions and a few more to show in the smaller divisions.

I had a great time and got lots of inspiration and as ususal there were so many beautiful horses that I wouldn't mind bringing home with me.

I will divide the show report into 3 blog posts and then I'll give you one with pictures on some of my favourites :)

This post will cover the Plastic OF and CM division.

The first Championship was for the foals. I had two foals to show, Black Pepper (Tr. Zenyatta's First Colt OF) and R. Peppermint (PS Weanling rr S. Nordström). Black Pepper took second in his class. R. Peppermint took third out of three in her class. I had higher hopes for her but it was a tough class so it's okey.

Apparently, when it came to the Champion titles thoroughbreds were the thing. The Champion Foal was the winner of the thoroughbred and the reserve was the one who placed second in the same class.

Champion Foal: Damn Devil, Tr. Zenyatta's First Colt OF
Champion Foal Reserve: Sun's Oops, Cl. WB Foal CM Julie Brooks
Next up where arabians. It was quite competitive classes but my two arabian mare Shaniqua (Cl. Arabian Mare OF) and Farasha (Tr. Weathergirl Thunderstorm OF) both made me proud and took first in their respective classes. They went on to the voting for the champion titles but lost out to two worthy winners. A Beautiful repainted Huckleberry Bey and an older Proud Arabian Mare CM to a stallion. Karim Shaabab and Walad competed in the same class and took first and second in it before taking the champion titles.

Champion Arabian: Karim Shaabab, Tr. Huckleberry Bey rep. C. Boydston
Champion Arabian Reserve: Walad, Tr. Proud Arabian Mare CM S. Nordström

After arabians we went on to the Asian/African and Oceanian championship. It was a small championship with only two classes. The first class was won by my own Ancient Gold (Tr. Akhal-Teke OF) and the other class was won by a really cool Breyer Marwari cm to a akhal-teke mare. Second in that class was a Tr. Lonesome Glory cm to a akhal teke stallion. Those two also claimed the championship titles.

Champion Asian/African/Oceanian: Ölandstoken Fire and Smoke, Tr. Marwari CM S. Nordström
Champion Asian/African/Oceanian Reserve: Vlasii J, Tr. Lonesome Glory CM S. Nordström

The American championship was another small one, with only one class this time. The winner of the class and also the Champion was a Tr. ASB rep. by Deb Brown. He had such a nice colour so he really deserved it. Second place in the class and Champion Reserve was a Sm. ASB rep. by Heather Bullach. I've seen her before and she is also really nice. My own Lotus (Tr. Harmonie Tuigpaard OF) took fifth out of six.

Champion American: Galactic Power, Tr. ASB rep. D. Brown
Champion American Reserve: Silver Cloud, Sm. G2 ASB rep. H Bullach
The stockhorses had their own championship and eventhough I'm not really a stockhorse person there were a lot of really nice models I could've brought home with me. My own two horses, Illusions Fade Away (Tr. Treasured Moves OF) and Chocolate (Tr. Impress Me Shannon OF) took first and second in their respective classes. The winners of this Championship was an appaloosa and a paint, both cm by Sophie Nordström. I especially liked R. Go For The Blues, the paint stallion.

Champion Stockhorse: Ester, Tr. Lady Phase rh S. Nordström
Champion Stockhorse Reserve:  R. Go For The Blues, PS Ideal Stock Horse CM S. Nordström

After stockhorses, came my favourite championship; Sporthorses. I had a total of 7 horses to show in this championship. My two thoroughbreds, Sunny Side N (Tr. Seattle Slew OF) and Nimble's Last Thief (Tr. Zenyatta OF) both took fourth out of five in their respective classes. My warmblood stallions Lord (Tr. Keltic Salinero OF) and Phoenix (Tr. Mistral Hojris OF) showed in the same class and took third and fourth out of six. The one that won the class really caught my eye. I thought he had such a nice look to him. I obviously wasn't the only one who felt that way since he went on to claim the champion title with a beautiful cm ruffian as reserve.

I also showed three warmblood mares, all in the same class, and they claimed second, fourth and fifth place.

Champion Sporthorse: Atlas VS, Tr. Idocus/Salinero CM S. Nordström
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Sun's Alaskan Sunrise, Tr. Ruffian rh S. Nordström
The European division was, as usual, very diverse with many different breeds. My White Phantom (Tr. Templado OF) took fourth in his class and Bocelli (Tr. Tregoyd Journeyman OF) took first in his class. The winner of the P.R.E class took the champion title and the reserve title went to a really nice Icelandic stallion.

Champion European: Mercurio, Tr. Man O' War CM P. Nilsson
Champion European Reserve: Hrafn Fra Soleyjar, Safari Icelandic Horse rep. C. Brennholt
Drafthorses was quite a big championship but I only had one horse to show. Fallen Warrior (Tr. Foxvalley Oliver OF) took second in his class. There where lots of good drafters shown but the winners were very worthy.

Champion Drafter: Jorid, Safari Tinker rep. M. Pyy
Champion Drafter Reserve: Duke Warsteiner, PS Trotting Drafter CM S. Nordström
The pony championship is always a fun championship to see. I love fluffy ponies :) Non-fluffy too, it's just something special with that pony charm. My PS Shoal OF, Remembrance, took first in his class and went on to the championship voting. He didn't claim any title but I'm still proud of him. The champion title went to a really cute connemara and reserve to a tiny, fluffy shetland pony.

Champion Pony: Crownhill Malackey, Tr. Pony of America CM P. Nilsson
Champion Pony Reserve: Fiddeli J, Britains CM S. Nordström
The Wildhorses/Crossbreds championship was another one class championship. My own Acuatico took fourth in the class. The winner of the class, and champion, was a pintabian and the second place and reserve title went to an arabian crossbred.

Champion Wild/Crossbreds: Check Mate, Tr. TS Black Tie Affair OF
Champion Wild/Crossbreds Reserve: Baheera, Tr. Karma Gypsy OF
The last championship of this division was the other Equus. Both mules, donkeys and quaggas were shown. And, as usual, I had no horses to show. But I really enjoy the championship anyway. This time it was the donkeys that caught my eye and I really hoped they'd do well. And they did! The champion title went to a sweet donkey and the reserve title went to a mule.

Champion Other Equus: Persica, Schleich Donkey rep. S. Nordström
Champion Other Equus Reserve: Molly, PS Chips Parshall OF
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the Best in Show and Best in Show Reserve for this division but the Best In Show went to Crownhill Malackey, the connemara pony, and the Best in Show Reserve went to Ester, the appaloosa mare.

I did however get pictures of the Grand Best in Show and Reserve of the entire show but you'll have to wait for them until the next part of the show report.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Spring is here and that means lots of foals! At least for some. This year there is no foals what so ever in my life. That's kind of sad, so I decided to dig up some old photos of foals for those of us who don't get to be around the little ones this year.

Hopefully they can be a little inspiring, besides beeing cute ;)

All photos are photographed by me and I have copyright on them. They are not to be used without my permission, thank you.

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables

(C) by TiMe Stables