Monday, July 24, 2017


Almost 2 weeks ago I got a notice to pick up a package at the post office. It was a huge package as I kind of splurged on some Eberl resins. 

The first resin I picked up of the package was the HUGE(!) Oschonda. This girl is beautiful, and BIG! She towers over most (or pretty much every) model horses in my collection. There is a bit of prepping to do on her before painting but that's okay as I have yet to figure out a breed and colour for her.

The next resin I picked up was one I hadn't heard of. This is Danton. I was quite fond of the Korsar but not too fond of the fact that his mouth was slightly open and that his braids are on top of his neck so when I saw Danton I didn't hesitate. I have yet to decide on a colour and breed for him.

Next up was another boy. This is Tamerlano. I've been fond of this resin since his release ao I was very pleased to be able to buy him. He has such a nice face! Breed and colour yet to be decided.

The fourth horse I picked up is Primula. Unfortunately when I unpacked her, her ears where broken. I managed to find one of the ears (broken into two pieces) but for the other ear I was only able to salvage one of the two parts as the other part literally crumbled to tiny pieces. From what's left of her ears they look almost paper thin so it wasn't too surprising that they broke. Anyway, I'll have to do some resculpting and prepping before any paint will be put on the horse. She will be painted as a portrait of a Swedish riding mare I knew who has quite the similar body type to this girl. She'll be a black going grey, beginning to dapple. I do have an artist in mind for her colour and I really hope I'll be able to snag a painting slot when the artist opens up her books again 😊

There were also one other model in the box but he'll be a secret for quite some time yet...

With the arrival of these lovely models (and another buy in the near future) I will need to try my best to stay away from MHSP for a while 😋

Friday, July 21, 2017

I almost made it!

For those of you who wondered how I did with the horses for the show I have a few pictures.

I didn't manage to finish all the 9 horses but I managed to finish some of them. Please excuse the bad photos, I just had time to snap a few quick photos before I had to leave for a short vacation before going to the show. 

First out is Jax. He is the poor broken AA welsh that I acquired some time ago. His base is not finished as I haven't decided on how I'd like to have it look. So for now I just say he's trotting on a dirt road. I'm actually quite proud of how he turned out. 

The next girl is Valencia. She turned out really cute and even though I had envisioned her as without markings she ended up with a star and a white coronet.

Avatar is up next and he turned out almost as I envisioned. 

Raphael was fighting me a bit on the way so I'm glad to say he's finished. He had really small eyes so I'm glad that I found the 10/0 brushes I bought in London, because without them his eyes would've been a pain. 

Dakota turned out pretty much exactly how I envisioned and I'm really happy with her colour.

It Takes Two To Tango is probably one of my favourites of the bunch, even though it's a tough call. 

They still need to be signed but atleast I can show them as is.

These models are the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th that I've finished this year. Hopefully I'll be able to finish a few more this year! 

Anyway, tomorrow these 6 models make their debute at a liveshow. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 14, 2017

I might almost make it!

I have two more days to work on these and then my time is up. Some of them will most likely be finished in time and some, will not.

This girl will most likely be finished if I manage to get her base coat done tomorrow. She'll be a dark bay.

This girl will most likely not be finished even if I get her base coat finished tomorrow as she is supposed to be a dark bay leopard and I won't have time to finish all those whites and details in a day.

This guy will also not be finished. He has quite some way to go as he is supposed to be a buckskin going grey. I think I've managed to do an okay job with the base coat so far but all that dappling and greying will require some time.

The little pony mare will probably be finished if I manage to finish her base coat tomorrow as she will be a nice bay/dark bay.

The girl below will most likely be finished in time as she mostly has details and markings left to do. I'm quite happy with her colour and the fact that she's my first serious palomino and second dappled model.

 This little guy also has markings and details left so he'll most likely make it.

My dark, red chestnut might make it if I manage to get his base coat done tomorrow.

This girl will most definitely not be finished in time as she's supposed to be a dark dapple bay and I'll not have time to do that colour justice in such a short amount of time.

My friesian will probably be finished in time as he only has acrylic details left to finish. He is not as flat black or shiny as he appears in the picture, I'll get better pictures as soon as they are finished.

I have realized that I won't be able to finish all of them in time for the show but if I'd manage to finish most of them I'd be very happy 😊

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tiny progress

The progress on my models to be finished in time for the show is going SLOW! So no, they'll most likely not be finished in time for the show. At least not all of them.

The AA Welsh is coming along quite nicely. He still needs some shading and details but the overall basecoat is done. He is my first dappled model and I think he turned out okay!

The mini Hazel might not be finished but she is at least not in primer still.

Gabriel has been fighting me by falling on the floor, breaking an ear and a leg. Fortunately they were clean breaks and I had the parts so I managed to put him back together, re-prime the broken, glued and sanded parts and started to match the colour.

I have been making some tiny progress on the rest of the models too but at the moment they are really, really ugly and I start to question if I'm on the right track with them so I won't show you any pictures of them at the moment 😉

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Adding to the conga

The other day 4 new models for my conga arrived at my house. 

This rose grey one is probably my favourite of the bunch. Unfortunately she's also the most flawed one with a noticeable mark on her showside. I'll probably try to touch her up as I really like her look and colour.

She has the cutest little snip too! I have yet to assign her a breed and a name but hopefully I have a few moments of my vacation to do that.

 Next up is this adorable bay tobiano who also has no name and breed yet. 

Third one is a cute palomino with no breed or name yet.

The last one is Compass. This is the hardest one for me to pin a breed on as most warmblood breeds I know of doesn't allow overo and I think she might be tough to pass of as tobiano so any suggestions are welcome.

My conga is now up to 16 horses!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Too optimistic?

I'm a slow painter, I know I am but still I somehow always think that I'll have time to finish a horse for a show I'm going to. This time I might have been a bit too optimistic. In exactly a month I am going to a liveshow and as I usually do, I decided to paint some new horses to bring with me. Usually I settle for one or two (and usually I end up not finishing in time...) but this time I have 9(!) horses I want to have finished by the show. That is probably close to impossible for me. I didn't manage to finish my NaMoPaiMo in a month and the fastest I have ever painted a model that I was satisfied with was 13 days. But one can always hope! I'll sure do my best 😊

My mini Hazel is almost ready for paint, she needs a few more coats of primer. She will (hopefully) be a dapple bay Cleveland Bey.

Gabriel also needs a few more coats of primer before painting. He'll be a black Friesian when done.

Last one who is still in the priming stages is the AA Welsh Sec C that I fixed some time ago. The plans is to paint him buckskin. We'll see how that turns out. I have only ever painted 1 buckskin and that does not exist anymore due to it being a terrible stark yellow buckskin with bad shading.

CollectA Hanoverian Stallion nr. 1 will be a dark reddish chestnut with no markings. He's had a base coat in acrylics and a few coats of pastels so far.

Moxie has had an acrylic base coat and one layer of pastels.

My plan is to make her a dappled palomino overo but I've not done a whole lot of dapples and only two palominos (in my early painting days).

WIA Bella Rose nr. 1 will be a dark bay/brown and so far she's had an acrylic base coat and a few layers of pastels.

CollectA Hanoverian nr. 2 will be a buckskin going grey, or atleast that's the plan. Hopefully it'll turn out the way I plan 😊.

WIA Bella Rose nr. 2 is planned to be a bay leopard/semi-leopard knabstup mare. I have never done that before so it'll be fun to see the outcome (if I ever get her finished!)

The CollectA Pinto mare will be a bay/dark bay when finished.

At the moment I have already encountered quite a problem. I'm pretty much out of Dullcote and I can't get a hold of anymore at the moment! 😞 I am able to get a hold of Krylon matte so I'll have to give that a try. Anyhow it won't arrive until next week! That means that my days off of work won't do me any good on the painting front...

Wish me luck 😊

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


El Embosco has for a long time been one of my favourite mustang models. And one of my all time favourite model horses is on the El Embosco model. I've been wanting an El Embosco for my collection for some time and was very pleased to find one on MHSP.

He is a beautiful grullo painted by Judy Hall.

I just love his colour and details. Normally I'm a huge fan of white markings but this colour does so well with no white.

I also love his fuzzy ears 😊

This model has so many nice angles!

I have yet to find a name for him and decide on a breed. I was thinking mustang, maybe Sorraia.

He was formerly known as Primitive Tendencies and shown as a mustang.

I haven't had time to really appreciate this guy and I'm looking forward to get some time to take proper photos of him.

Anyway, I love him already!

His face is just gorgeous!