Saturday, October 13, 2018

Unicorn Bridle

I couldn't believe my luck when my name was drawn for Bushy Tail Creations - Miniature Tack & Props by Dora Duftschmieds amazing unicorn bridle. 

I received it yesterday and I am even more amazed! It is absolutely gorgeous, the details are fantastic and I just LOVE the attention to detail with all the tiny decorative tongue buckles and little gemstones!

It did take a tiny bit of fiddling to get it on but it looks SO good on!

I tried it on a few different models but just thought that it looked so beautiful on the serene looking Belize (Eberl Genoveva rep. S. Nordström).

I think I might bring it with me to my next show just because it needs to be admired! And then I need to figure out the best way to incorporate it in a performance scene so that I can show it at the next possible show!

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Recently a package arrived at my doorstep, containing mostly things for my boyfriend but also a few things for me.

These two dolls will be part of a couple of future performance scenes. But before that they'll get some small things done.

Most notably I will try my hand at repainting their faces and give the girl a better hairdo.

And of course they'll need some better clothes than what I quickly threw together when they arrived. And that will be a challenge.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bits and pieces

Like I mentioned in my last post, just because I haven't blogged, doesn't mean that nothing has happened with the models.

This little girl finally got her old paint stripped off. I bought her a few years ago with the intentions of stripping (with the former painters permission) and repainting her. I have yet to decide on a colour as contrary to some believes Fjords do actually come in quite the variety of colours and shades. I am leaning towards a Gulblack (Palomino Dun), Rödblack (Red Dun), Gråblack (Black Dun) or Ljusbrunblack (Light Bay Dun) in that order 😊. But we'll see what she'll end up as the day I decide to paint her.

Next up is a model I bought who had already had some things done to her. I believe her name is Dual (if I remember correctly) and I have quite some plans for her. She had already had her mane removed by previous owner (and the base is by her too).

I have started to sculpt on her mane, which will be braided. In the future I also plan to fix some things in her tail and when done I think I'd like to try my hand at painting her Silver Bay, but that might change as it will be quite some time before she'll be ready.

I have also worked a little bit more on the tack for Nazar. I have yet to put on some decorative stones on the circular plates of the tack but I'm having a hard time deciding on colours... The plan is to give him a saddle and breast collar as well but that might also be some time before I'll manage to do so as a few other plans needed to be put into action before that.

Friday, September 21, 2018


Long time no see. Work has kept me very busy since my last post and it has taken its toll on me so I have been neglecting the blog for a while. But that doesn't mean that nothing has happened with the models. I have recently acquired a new face for the herd and worked on some small projects that will be shown in another post.

My new addition is another Eberl Warmblood, this is Akelei. If you haven't noticed by now, I have quite an obsession with Eberl models, especially her Warmbloods. This model was a bit of an impulse buy but when she showed up in a model horse sales group at pretty much body price I tried to resist, but obviously, failed. 

She had two broken ears (well one and an eartip) and a broken leg but I thought that it would be possible to fix without destroying the paintjob which seemed pretty nice.

I am not completely sure who painted her (she's not signed) but thanks to some kind people on a facebook group I might have found her painter (I am waiting for confirmation from her).

Her colour is really nice even though her prep work might not be perfect in all spots and there are a few small areas in the paintjob that is not completely smooth. But I really, really like her shade of chestnut and that irregular blaze is adorable!

So if I can get in touch with her painter and get permission, I will have her restored (which is my hope as she is quite charming).

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Show Report Part 5: Workmanship

Last post of show reports! This will cover the different Workmanship shows.

The first show was for simple plastic (incl. bendables) and it consisted of 4 different classes. I had 4 horses to show in this show, 3 of which showed in the same show. Bellamie (Sm. G2 Scrambling Foal rep. A. Gustafsson) took first in her class and went in to become Best in Show Reserve! Best in Show went to a really nice Arabian. Best in Show Novice was awarded to my boyfriend's Shire (Who he painted himself. He was really proud! This is probably his absolute favourite model in his collection). My other 3 horses, Madonna (Sm. G2 ASB rep. C. Johansson), Since You Don't Love Me (Sm. G2 ASB rep. A. Gustafsson) and Tinkerbelle (Safari Toob Pony rep. by me) took first, third and last in their class. Madonna was also crowned Best Vintage model in this show!

Best in Show Al Hazred, Tr. Huckleberry Bey rep. S. Nordström
Best in Show Reserve: Bellamie, Sm. G2 Scrambling Foal rep. A. Gustafsson
Best in Show Novice: Bilbo, Tr. Wintersong rep. C. Bäckfalk
Medium custom plastic was a bit smaller than simple custom, with only two classes. Once again I had 4 horses to show. 3 showed in the same class and 1 showed in a different class. Neptune (Sm. G2 WB rr. T. Melin), Ice Baby, Ice (Sm. G2 TB rr C. Johansson) and Mirabelle (Sm. Swaps rr T. Melin) got first, second and third. Bailando (Sm. G2 Andalusian rr T. Melin) got sixth in his class. When it came to the Best in show titles I was surprised, but happy to see my horses doing so well, Neptune got BIS and Ice Baby, Ice got Reserve.

Best in Show: Neptune, Sm. G2 Warmblood rr. T. Melin
Best in Show Reserve: Ice Baby, Ice, Sm. G2 TB rr. C. Johansson
Drastic plastic was probably the smallest workmanship show, but that doesn't mean that it was any less competitive. The last of my Arabians made her show debut in this show and ended up in 4th place. The Best in Show and Reserve were very worthy of the titles as they are both amazing!

Best in Show: Blue's Gentleman, H0 Railroad Western Horse Knockoff rr. C. Riley
Best in Show Reserve: LuLu, H0 Railroad Clydesdale Mare Knockoff rr. C. Riley
The simple other workmanship show consisted mostly out of resin but also some custom glazed porcelain models. I, once again showed 4 horses, out of which 3 of them happen to be roans! My sweet little Cheyenne (RC Sierra rep. L. Morris) and Don't Call Me Nymphadora (RC Moxie rep. A. Brock) showed in the same class and managed to get first and second place! In the other class Sahale J (El Embosco rep. E. Gonzales) and Fallen Hero (RC Valor rep. N. Söhn) got first and seventh place. I was very happy when my Cheyenne got Best in Show and just as happy when Sahale J got Best in Show Reserve! I might be a bit biased but I really think that their colours are very well done, especially on Cheyenne who has an amazingly detailed paintjob in that tiny scale!
Best in Show: Cheyenne, MM Sierra rep. L. Morris

Best in Show Reserve: Sahale J, RC El Embosco rep. E. Gonzales
The last division in workmanship was medium custom other. It was one of the smaller workmanship shows but still had some really nice models! I showed my NaMoPaiMo model Nazar in this show, mostly for fun, as I wasn't expecting him to do too much so imagine my surprise when he went on to win his class and become Best in Show! His reserve was a really cute little micro repainted and remade by it's owner.

Best in Show: Nazar, HA Akhal-Teke Stallion rr T. Melin
Best in Show Reserve: Raindrop's Courtship Ritual, RC MB Towhee rr A-L. Mell
That was it for this years Waterfestival liveshow report! I hope you've enjoyed these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them 😊

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Show Report Part 4: Bantam/MicroMini, Original Finish, Vattenpasset

Another one of the shows I was really looking forward to was the Bantam/Micro Mini show as I have a couple of Micros that I love to show and it feels more equal for them to show against other Micros.
It's also fun because there are several micro mini collectors around the area of the show and therefore more awesome minis! 4 classes, resin mares, resin stallion, pewter and others were in the show. I had three horses to show, my favorite of the bunch, Cheyenne (MM Sierra rep. L. Morris) won her class and her baby, Cochise (MM Flicker rep. L. Morris) got second in his class. AR Brigadör (Pewter MM Brigadier rep. A. Gustafsson also got second in his class. I think that is some really great placings! The Best in Show voting was, once again, quite tough but in the end my Cheyenne was voted Best in Show with one of the coolest micros as Reserve. That micro started out as a H0 Railroad Western Horse Knockoff that C. Riley got her hands on and remade! Isn't he awesome!

Best in Show: Cheyenne, MM Sierra rep. L. Morris

Best in Show Reserve: Blue's Gentleman, H0 Railroad Western Horse Knockoff rr. C. Riley
Original Finish Show was divided into two, Plastic and Bendables. As a former OF collector who still occasionally buys an OF or two this is also a show I really like. I showed 7 horses in the Plastic OF show. Vivaldi (Tr. Acadia OF), Ancient Gold (Tr. Akhal-Teke OF), Bocelli (Tr. Tregoyd Journeyman OF) and Sunny Side N (Tr. Seattle Slew OF) showed in the same class and got first, second, fourth and fifth place. My other 3, Gold Rush (Copperfox Sovereign OF), Remembrance (PS Pony Shoal OF) and Elessar (Copperfox Finnegan OF) did really well placing first, second and third in their class.

There were many nice OF models in the show and the callback table was tough and diverse and in the end, the pony who was voted Best in Show Novice in the open halter show went all the way and became Best in Show OF Plastic. My own Vivaldi, managed to become reserve.

Best in Show: Flammarion, Breyer Tr. Connemara OF
Best in Show Reserve: Vivaldi, Breyer Tr. Acadia OF
Like I said the Bendable OF was a separate division and I only had 1 horse showing in that division. Atlas (CollectA Irish Cob OF) took third in his class, which I am very happy with. The Best in Show title was awarded to a really nice OF Zebra mare with one of my favourite CollectA molds as reserve.

Best in Show: Jules, CollectA Grevy Zebra OF
Best in Show Reserve: Staubfinger, CollectA Friesian OF
Vattenpasset is a special show that only allows entry to horses that has a valid Vattenpass-card which they earn for winning champion titles at the Waterfestival Show. I had three horses earning me Vattenpass-cards last year so I entered all of them! There were only 6 horses in the show and it was divided into two classes, mares and stallions. All my three were stallions and therefore showed in the same class. Nahele (RC El Embosco rep. J. Hall), Helios (RC Oliver rep. S. Kern) and Epsilon (NL New Forest OF) all did well placing first, second and third (out of four). In the end Nahele was voted Best in Show before last year's open halter show Best in Show, AR Bellamie.

Best in Show: Nahele, RC El Embosco rep. J. Hall
Best in Show Reserve:
Next post will be the last for this show report and it will cover the workmanship classes!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Show Report Part 3: Bendable Customs, Fantasy, Colour Show and Breakables

Bendable customs got their own show, and it's always amazing to see what people manages to make out of these bendy ponies! The show was divided into 7 classes depending on make and gender.I showed 6 horses in 4 different classes. Some did better then others, Tess (Schleich Trakhener Foal rep. T. Wolmer) got first in the foal class, as did Valencia (CollectA Pinto Pony rep. by me) in the CollectA mares class. Tinkerbelle (Safari Toob Pony rep. by me), Dakota (WIA Bella Rose rep. by me) and Serafina (Safari Toob pony rep. by my boyfriend) showed in the Other Bendable Mares class and took second, fourth and last. My last horse Avatar (CollectA Hanoverian Stallion rep. by me) took third in the other Bendable Stallions class. In the end the intricately painted Walkaloosa mare Spotted Midnight was voted Best in Show (this horse is amazing!). As Reserve another really nicely painted model was chosen, the Irish Cob, Merlin.

Best in Show: Spotted Midnight, Safari LTd TWH rep. S. G. Necco
Best in Show Reserve: Merlin, Safari Gypsy Vanner cm. T. Wolmer
As I have stated several times, I am not a really a fantasy collector, and it showed as that was probably the only show were I didn't enter a single model. I still drooled over some of the nice models there and I actually think that there will be a few more fantasy models in my collection in the future as they are quite cool. The classes of the show ranged from decorators, to unicorns, hell horses, pegasi, skeletons, vampires and even a hippogriff! In other words, a very diverse show with several good models! In the end a really cool unicorn was voted Best in Show with a Sugar Skull decorator as Reserve (the details on this one was really well done!)

Best in Show: Alcyone, Safari Unicorn cm T. Wolmer
Best in Show Reserve: Dia De Muertos, PS Chips Friesian pb K. Persson
A recurring element at this show is it's colour shows. Each year, a certain colour is picked for the colour show. This year it was all about the shimmering greys! This works as you enter greys and at the day of the show all the greys are put at a table and grouped into light, medium and dark. Then two judges judged each class. And then at the   callback table all got to vote. I only brought two greys as I don't have that many but both of them managed to place! I think in total there where around 30 greys on the table. Both of my greys were classed as medium greys and got first (El Salvaje) and third (Epsilon) in the class. In the end El Salvaje managed to be voted Best in Show with the winner of the dark grey class as reserve.

Best in Show: El Salvaje, RC Verrochio rep. L. Lawrynovizc
Best in Show Reserve: Thorsten, CMG Oberon by S. Rose
My one and only porcelain model (so far), Bellini of Decorima (Lakeshore Houdini OF) was shown in the Breakables show and surprisingly managed to claim a second place in the class! I once again drooled over several nice porcelain models and the winners were very worthy! You might have seen one of them before, and the other one is the illusive Brookside Idyll, who was missing from the photo of the Open Halter Pony Championship!

Best in Show: Thorsten, CMG Oberon by S. Rose
Best in Show Reserve: Brookside Idyll, AAA Hackney OF
Next up is Bantam/Micro Minis, Original Finish models and Vattenpasset.