Saturday, January 25, 2020

More ponies

For Christmas this year, my father gifted me some money to spend on something for myself. Since me and my BF just bought a house, my father knows that most of our money at the moment go into the house. As I found a Breyer retailer with a serious sale on their stock, I decided to spend some of the money I got on a couple of models. 

They arrived soon after I ordered but I would say that the packing left a bit to be desired. 

They came in a black plastic bag.

Inside the bag the boxes where wrapped in 2 thin layers of bubble wrap. Fortunately, the courier service had treated my package very well as there wasn't even a dent in the boxes and all models came out with no issues.

Inside was a couple of models I've wanted for a while.

The Protocol set, I mostly wanted because I really liked the horse (but the dogs will stay as they are really nice as well). The glitter unicorns I really liked the colours of and mostly wanted because of the Alby as it's in my favourite colour and the walking TB as that is another of my favourite colours and one of my favourite stablemate molds.

The Suncatcher stablemates where mostly bought as I really wanted to try painting some clearware models and I have some really fun ideas planned for them!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Christmas Ponies

Even though my boyfriend and family are, and have always been, very supportive of my model horse hobby, I don't really expect a lot of model horsie gifts. Last year I told my boyfriend about a couple of models that I would love to have in my collection but since then I didn't think to much about it. 

However BF remembered and so, I got some models for Christmas ♥️. 

Firstly, he got me the Breyerfest 30th Anniversary Stablemate Set. 

And he also got me the Beautiful Breeds Christmas Ornament. This is my first Breyer Ornament but I wanted it really, really bad since it was a Fjord 😊 With the move and everything we didn't have a Christmas tree this year so he is still in his package. However I will try to find a good way to display him on the shelves until next year.

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of the newbies.

Altivo, will be shown as a P.R.E

Harmonic Rain, will be shown as a Morgan

Fahad Ibn Ryshad, will be shown as a Straight Egyptian Arab

La Boiúna, will be shown as a Paso Fino

Lil' Golden Pistol, will be shown as a Quarter

Mistral, will be shown as a Welsh Sec D

Everest, will be shown as an Ardennais

Octagram D, will be shown as a Swedish Warmblood

Iridium, will be shown as a Thoroughbred
For some reason I didn't get any pictures of the Mariah's Boon stablemate. Anyway, I named him Indigo Blue and will show him as an Irish Cob.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Moving update

Our move went well and we have started to get some kind of order in the house now. A couple of weeks ago we started to fix the show room where we will showcase our collections (my model horses and my boyfriend's 1/6 scale collection)

This is what the room looked like when we had just moved in.

And this is about a week ago. We tore down the old wallpaper and chose a new, really nice, light one. We also got my cabinets up and I got to start packing up the horses.

All of my models survived the move (a couple of bendables got a little bit of a lean on one leg, but no really casualties) and this is the current look of the cabinets.

First cabinet:

Second cabinet:

Third cabinet:

CD shelf with bendables:

Unpainted resin cabinet:

Project shelves and Disney shelf:

I will most likely rearrange them in the near future as I am not quite happy with the current line up.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Plans 2020

For 2020 my goals are a little bit different than last year. Most of that has to do with the fact that we have now moved into a house with more space for our hobbies. This is what my line up of goals looks like for 2020:

- Participate in NaMoPaiMo
I love NaMoPaiMo, it always teaches me something good and gives so many cheers and good vibes it is a joy to participate.

- Finish my NaMoPaiMo model
The most important part, for me, when it comes to NaMoPaiMo is learning and having fun, but I also want to push myself to get my model finish as I have always been quite the slow worker and a little pressure usually makes me work harder.

- Finish hobbyroom
Now that I finally will have a dedicated hobbyroom I can't wait to have it finished! If any of you has any tips or suggestions on what you can't live without in your own hobby space or what you miss in your hobby space I would very much appreciate if you left a comment as I really want to make my hobby room as good as possible but as I have never had one of my own, I am not sure where to start 😊

- Sell a model I have painted
I have improved my painting quite a bit and I would love to get my work out there. As of right now, except for the models I have painted for myself or my boyfriend, there is only one model painted by me in other hobbyists collections.

- Take on a commission
I would love to try my hands at commission work, but as to not be overwhelmed, I only plan to take on one commission so that I manages to finish it in a timely manner and to a satisfying result.

- Prep most of my project horses
My dream is to have all my project models prepped and primed for painting so that when I feel like painting I can just open and pick out whichever model strikes my fancy. The thing is, I hate prepping, and I am a bit of a perfectionist, so we'll see how well that will turn out.

- Finish Aslan 2.0
In 2019 I finished my first original sculpture. He was rushed a bit at the end so I would like to give it another shot but without rushing this time.

- Keep posting on Instagram
I hope to keep up posting on Instagram and will try to post at least three times a week.

- Keep blogging
I will not abandon the blog but I might not post as many short posts here. I will still post longer post like updates and show reports so I hope to post at least 2 posts a month.

- Finish one horse a month
Quite an ambitious goal for being me but I really hope to be able to keep up this year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Review 2019

Here we are, another year has passed. 2019 is now behind us and it has been a, mostly, good year for me. Most of the year has gone by without any major snags. Work has been okay, family, friends and animals have been very good. One of my closest friends got married, another one met a really nice guy who makes her very happy. Yet another one got accepted to her dream education, my brother and his fiancee bought an apartment in a new building and will be moving in at the end of 2020. My parents and animals are all alive and well so this year has been very kind to me outside of the hobby. But the biggest thing happening is that me and my boyfriend bought a house. After two and a half years of searching we have now moved in and started to get are things a bit in order. It is a wonderful feeling to finally leave our tiny rental apartment behind and with the house one of my childhood dreams will come true: I will finally have a dedicated hobby room! I can't wait. I am very, very thankful for the year that has gone by and that have treated me and my loved ones well.

Hobby wise things have been good, but not great. I managed to finish my NaMoPaiMo horse and painted a couple of more models during the year. I went to three live shows, after a couple of years of going to pretty much every live show I decided to step back a little even though I would've been able to make it to a couple of more shows if I would've wanted to.

However let's summarize my goals for 2019:  

- Paint at least 10 of my bodybox models.
I only managed to finish 5 models (my NaMoPaiMo horse included) this year. But even though I didn't manage to finish as many as I had hoped I am very happy with the ones I managed to finish. One of them was the very first micro resin I painted,  my first original sculpture, and my first winged custom. The other one I finished will be covered under another goal.

- Send at least 1 of my unpainted resins to be painted.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to send any of my unpainted resins to be painted.

- Paint at least 1 of my unpainted resins.
I did get a couple of resins painted this year, my NaMoPaiMo model (mentioned above), my Micro Mini Maxi Cob (also mentioned above) and the model I managed to finally finish, and will be mentioned below.

- Finish my mini Hazel resin.
Finally, this was the year when my mini Hazel was finished! After a few setbacks during the in progress years (she was started in June/July 2017) she is finally finished, and I am very happy with how she turned out as she is quite close to my original vision for her. Her base might get a little bit of attention at a later date but at the moment it will stay the sandy colour.

- Keep blogging.
I had hoped to blog more than what I managed to do during 2019. But I haven't felt that I have that much to blog about as I haven't worked that much with the models. And at the end of the year when we bought the house, there were just no time. I have, however, discovered Instagram and been quite good at updating there as it is much simpler to post a single picture and a small update than to post an entire blog post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram you can find me at @Timestablesandstudio. I will try to be better at blogging but I will post small updates more often on IG.

At last I would like to wish you all, a belated, Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

New mini and news

I wouldn't really consider myself a micro person. At least not until Maggie Bennett started releasing her amazing micros! I don't own a whole lot of them but there are some on my wish list and I kind of hope that I might be able to join her Monthly Micro club in a few months. Anyway. In January this year Maggie released a model I really, really needed!

A micro mini Fjord named "Viking". 

I happened to stumble upon one in a model horse auction group on Facebook and put in a bid. I won and he arrived a couple of days ago.

I have painted very few micros and I have never painted or prepped a pewter model. I have heard that they shouldn't be any harder to prep than a regular resin but we will see when I get that far. I am very happy with my cute little addition.

In other news, TiMe Stables and Studio can now be found on Instagram @timestablesandstudio! I will still post on the blog as this is my main hobby page but sometimes I only have a picture or very small progress to show and I think Instagram will be a good place to do so.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Grail and update

It has been a while since my last post and unfortunately there might not be too many more posts for the rest of the year. The last month or so has been busy, my boyfriend has had to work overtime everyday of the week since coming back to work after summer vacation, which means that I have had to do most of the chores around the apartment. I have also had a busy time at work and on top of it all, we are buying a house!

So I have barely done anything model related for the last month. And as we will be moving in the beginning of December we will be quite busy packing stuff up, sorting stuff that we won't bring with us and buying new furniture. That means that I might not be able to do much model related stuff over the next few months (but I hope to make up for it after the move as we will have a designated craft room and a designated room for horse shelves and collector's stuff! I have never, ever, had that before! So excited!) I do however hope to have time for a couple of posts before the move as I entered ICCE this year! But more on that and onto the real reason for this post!

I kind of shouldn't by unpainted resins at the moment. My shelves are kind of full of unpainted beauties begging for paint. I really don't need to add to that.

But sometimes you get a chance to buy something you have wanted for a long, long time and never thought that you would actually own. I recently found that. Back in August a picture was published on the Brigitte Eberl Appreciation Force facebook page. It was a picture of a whole lot of resins standing on a floor. It was announced that there were Hermiones in the picture and that she was available again.

For those of you who might not be that familiar with Brigitte's sculptures, Hermione is an older sculpt by Eberl, of a Fjord mare. I am quite sure that there were very few of her in existence and I have only seen a handful during my 16 years in the hobby. Therefore I was quite sure that my shelves would never be graced by this beautiful sculpture, who I think is one of the best Fjord sculpts out there. 

I emailed Brigitte the same moment I saw what sculpt it was and I read it was available. And a few days ago she arrived. She is not as rough as I thought she would be and I am so, SO happy to be able to add her to my collection, even though I really don't need anymore unpainted resins.

I need NaMoPaiMo to kick me in the butt and get at least one of these beauties painted, but who to chose?!