Sunday, April 8, 2018


I've been wanting a Tadpole ever since I found out he would be made. I participated in all three of the lotteries for him (which I find is a very fair way to make the sales considering time zones and such) but I was never lucky enough to be drawn to buy one.

As it happens I was on MHSP on my break at work and saw a newly posted ad for a Tadpole for sale. I typed up an email and sent it as fast as I could, hoping that no one would've beat me to it.

No one did beat me to it so Tadpole was mine. The seller was super nice and it was a perfect transaction. I picked him up before work on Friday and as I had to work late I couldn't open him up until late in the night. I was supposed to go to bed when I got home but I was just too excited to not open him!

I just love his packaging! It's so beautiful! And since green is my favourite colour I am bit extra excited!

And the model itself is also SO BEAUTIFUL! He is super detailed and absolutely lovely.

I can't wait for him to get some clothes and enter the showring! I just don't know what colour I want him in! And who to paint him! So many hard decisions!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

NMTM 2018

I can't believe April is here already! March passed by in a big haze for me and I can only hope April will be a better month for me.

Anyway, April means National Model Tack Month! Last year I made a Western Saddle set from Rio Rondo's awesome kit and this year I wanted to make something for my NaMoPaiMo model.

Since he is an akhal-teke it felt only fair to make him an akhal-teke tack set. I aim to make a saddle, bridle, breastcollar and neck collars with lots of small decorations! This is quite the ambitious project for me as I've only made very few tack items before and considering the fact that I am not the most patient person!

I can't wait for my package from Rio Rondo to arrive and to get started!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

El Salvaje

At the show I got to bring home a model I recently bought. I have had my eye on this model for a while but wasn't able to buy him when he'd been up for sale earlier. So this time when I saw him up for sale I jumped at the chance.

The seller kindly allowed me to make timepayments and I am very pleased to have added this guy to my collection.

His name is El Salvaje and he is an Andalusian stallion on the Verroccio resin, sculpted by Brigitte Eberl and painted by Lexie Lawrynovicz.

This guy is a real beauty and will definitely be added to my showstring.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

New Additions

A few new models got to come home with me after the show a few weeks ago.

The little cremello standing foal I got in a goodie bag, the Icelandic I won in the raffle and the lying foal was a price for one of my models winning championship. I did win 2 other stablemates as well but I gave them to my boyfriend as he needed them for a performance scene he'll be making.

Empres was won by Sahale J when he went on to be crowned Best in Show Reserve. I have yet to unpack him as I haven't yet decided if I'll be keeping him or not. It is a really, really nice model but not really my cup of tea so I might sell him or trade him for something on my want list or keep him as a shelf model.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Show Debut

My NaMoPaiMo model made his show debut last weekend. It wasn't a very big class but he managed to win!

I'm so proud of him! I was definitely not expecting that!

He won his first qualification card too! 😊

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Live Show Pictures: Performance

On top of all the things that happened with my dad I managed to come down with a severe cold during the days before the show. So by the end of the day I was quite drained of energy so I didn't get any pictures of the Performance show but I asked my boyfriend to take a few pictures.

It was quite the small performance show but it still had some lovely entries.

A long-reining entry 
My Sidesaddle entry (before I fixed the stray strap that had gotten loose).

Dressage entry.

Western trail entry.

My western trail entry.

Other Western entry.

My boyfriend's Native American custom entry

Christmas horse entry
My boyfriend also showed his carriage with the friesians but he didn't get any pictures of it (I quote "I already have pictures of it")... It ended up not only Champion other but also Best in Show performance. My Sidesaddle entry managed to claim Champion English and Best in Show Reserve.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Live Show Report: Halter

Pardon the radio silence on the blog these last few weeks, my father got severely ill in the beginning of March and had to go to the hospital. So far he is slowly recovering but he is still in the hospital and will probably be for at least another week or two. That means that I've spent quite some time in the hospital with him so I haven't had time to do much else, hence the radio silence.

However, last weekend I took a day to myself and went to a live show to get my mind of things. Unfortunately with all the stuff I've had in my mind I forgot to bring my camera so I only have some not-so-good phone pictures to show you.

As usual we started the day with the foal championships. I had 4 foals to show and they did okay. Troublemaker (Sm. Scrambling Foal rr T. Wolmer) won his class. Helios (RC Oliver rep. S. Kern) took second in his class. R. Peppermint (PS Weanling cm S. Nordström) took fourth out of five and Cochise (MM Flicker rep. Lauren Morris) took third out of three in his class. The champion title went to an adorable Imp resin, who his owner painted for NaMoPaiMo! The reserve title went to a familiar face and the best novice-owned was an adorable OF Schleich model!

Champion Foal: Dustu J, RC Imp rep. S. Nordström
Champion Foal Reserve: Busta Move, Sm. Prancing Foal rep. D. Capwell
Best Novice-owned: Felise, Schleich Clydesdale OF
The Arabian Championship was one of the biggest of the show, and probably one of the most competitive as well. My two horses didn't do too well, Athame (AA Sabiha ret.) got fourth out of five and Sayad (Mini Khemo rep. S. Nordström) took fourth out of six. The Champion title went to an absolutely beautifully painted PAM with another familiar face as reserve. Best novice-owned went to a really nice Animal Artistry resin.

Champion Arabian: Ahvaz Almaa, PAM rep. L. Cassels.Caldwell
Champion Arabian Reserve: Ahvas Fahd, RC Nahar rep. Sheri Rhodes
Best Novice-Owned: Sasori Serr-Fir, AA Arabian Knight rep. S. Nordström

Close up of Ahvaz Almaa
Next up were Sporthorses! And lo and behold I did not have a horse in every class! That doesn't happen very often. My horses did rather well. Sunny Side N (Tr. Seattle Slew OF) took first in his class, as did Fallen Hero (Valor rep. N. Söhn). Ice Baby Ice (Sm. G2 TB rr. C. Johansson) got fifth out of six. Three of my horses showed in the same class: Vivaldi (Acadia OF) took second, Charisma (Tr. GG Valentine OF) took fifth and Fandango (Tr. Valegro OF) took sixth out of six. In the last class my dear Belize (Genoveva rep. S. Nordström) took first and Chester VS (Caitano rep. S. Nordström) took third. Fallen Hero managed to claim the champion title, with a beautiful standardbred as reserve and a warmblood as Best Novice-owned.

Champion Sporthorse: Fallen Hero, RC Valor rep. N. Söhn
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Baron Copia, RC Aladin rep. S. Nordström
Best Novice-owned: Flower D, Tr. Valentine rrh S. Nordström
Drafters were up next. I only had two drafters to show and they didn't do too well this time. AR Brigadör (MM Brigadier rep. A. Gustafsson) took third out of three and Brego (Mini Haggis rep. by me) got sixth out of seven. The champion title went to a Tiny resin painted to a North Swedish horse with a Night Heather painted as an Irish Cob as reserve. The Best Novice-owned went to a beautiful AAA Drafter SR.

Champion Draft: Faxe, RC Tiny rep. S. Nordström
Champion Draft Reserve: Lady Pemberton, RC Night Heather rep. S. Nordström
Best Novice-owned: Smorgis, AAA SR Pulling Draft Mare OF
After drafters it was time for ponies. I showed 4 ponies, two of which did very well and two who did not as well. Gold Rush (Copperfox Sovereign OF) and Epsilon (NL New Forest OF) got next to last in their respective classes. Maverick (RC Tivoli rep. A. Dionne) and Remembrance (PS Shoal OF) both took first in their respective classes. In the end an adorable Shetland pony was crowned champion with a Gotland Pony as reserve and a noble Welsh as best novice-owned.

Champion Pony: Al Capone, RC Kipling rep. S. Nordström
Champion Pony Reserve: Jumping Jack Flash, RC Flitwick rep. C. Johansson
Best Novice-Owned: Marquis De Carabas, Copperfox Celtic Warrior OF
Next up where stockhorses. This was quite a small championship, but still competitive. I had two horses to show in this championship. Whiskey Lullaby (Tr. JCP SR Smart Chic Olena OF) took second in his class behind one of my favourite quarter horse models and Don't Call Me Nymphadora (RC Moxie rep. A. Brock) took fourth out of four. In the end all the champion titles went to some familiar faces.

Champion Stockhorse: R. Frosted Robin, PS ISH rh Faye Cohen
Champion Stockhorse Reserve: R. Blue Mist Bandit, RC Lonestar rep. C. Calentine
Best Novice-owned: R. Oh Goody Gumdrops, Eberl Queenie cm. S. Nordström
The next to last championship of the day was the Wild-, Crossbreds and Other Equus. It was quite the small championship but there were still some nice horses in it. I showed 3 models, all of which showed in the same class. Sahale J (El Embosco rep. E. Gonzales) took first in the class, Nahele (El Embosco rep. J. Hall) took second and Cheyenne (MM Sierra rep. L. Morris) took fourth out of four. In the end Sahale J and Nahele claimed the champion and the champion reserve title. Best novice-owned was an exquisitely painted crossbred.

Champion Wild-,Crossbreds and Other Equus: Sahale J, El Embosco rep. E. Gonzales
Champion Wild-,Crossbreds and Other Equus Reserve: Nahele, El Embosco rep. J. Hall
Best Novice-Owned: Yellow Star, Schleich cm S. Turesson
Riding- and carriage breeds were the last championship of the day. It had quite the variety of breeds and I showed no less than 5 horses in this championship. Bocelli (Tr. Tregoyd Journeyman OF) managed to take second in his class, as did Since You Don't Love Me (Sm. ASB rep. A. Gustafsson) in her class while Madonna (Sm. ASB rep. C. Johansson) took fifth out of five in the same class. Raphael (RC Gabriel rep. by me) took first in his class and to my surprise, so did my NaMoPaiMo model! I was so proud! It was a small class but still, I am so proud of him!

In the end, a gorgeously painted Deseoso took the championship title with a beautiful Bitty Bosco custom as reserve and a cute Paso Fino as best novice-owned

Champion: Miravel J, Deseoso rep. K. Schick
Champion Reserve: FDL Balduino, Bitty Bosco cm S. Nordström
Best Novice-owned: Seferino, Sm. Peruvian Paso rep. A. Gustafsson
The callback table was quite tough.

With many,

many models,

that would be worthy of the Best In Show title.

In the end the gorgeously painted Arabian champion was voted Best in Show and my beautiful Sahale J was voted Best in Show Reserve! 

Best in Show: Ahvaz Almaa
Best in Show Reserve: Sahale J
The Best Novice-Owned of the show went to the Best Novice-Owned arabian.

Best In Show: Ahvaz Almaa
Best In Show Reserve: Sahale J
Best Novice-Owned: Sasori Serr-Fir
There were also a Performance show that I do have a few pictures from but those will be in a seperate post.