Saturday, October 20, 2018


I am definitely a Warmblood person and even though I nowadays tend to focus more on resins than OF models I still buy the occasional OF warmblood when they strike my fancy.

A recent Breyer release definitely did and I decided to order it when I ordered a few other things from Modell Pferde Versand.

The release was the Verdades on the Keltic Salinero mold.

The Keltic mold is one of my favourite plastic Warmblood models and I already have the original release and the Mistral Hojris model so when Verdades was announced I jumped the chance to own one.

He is really, really nice. He stands really well on his stand and he is almost flawless! His colour is a really nice, shaded bay, even more beautiful IRL than in photos! And they really made some nice eyes on him!

I have yet to decide on a name and breed for him. But I think that he is my new favourite on the Keltic mold just because of the really beautiful bay colour on him!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Unicorn Blind Bags

I've been a bit tempted by the Breyer blind bags since they released Django in them but not tempted enough to buy a box. That changed when it came to the Unicorn Blind bags.

I'm not really a fantasy collector but there were mini Alborozos in there! And mini Magnolias! Of course I was tempted and the thought of repainting a few unicorns in non-realistic colours actually tempted me quite a bit.

So I caved and bought a box:

I didn't open the entire box as I saved some bags as donations for the liveshow I am co-hosting in a few weeks. And my boyfriend wanted to open a few too (he actually kept 2 for future performance scenes!)

I tried to feel for an Alby but apparently I sucked at that! The first guy I opened was the light pink arabian. I am not a pink person but I really liked this light pink colour so he is staying.

I named him Rose Quartz
Next up I managed to pick up an adorable green drafter! Love the colour!

I named him Malachite.
I managed to pick up a few doubles and decided to sell some and keep some for repainting. But next non-double was the pink drafter.

I named him Garnet.
After a few bags I really, really tried to find an Alby and I was rewarded! It was an Alby, and not any Alby! It was the Dark Blue chase Alby! I can't believe my luck! I wanted an Alby, I didn't really think that I would have a chance at the chase!

I named him Lapis Lazuli.
The Magnolias was what I was looking for next, after the mini Alby and I was rewarded with a firey beauty.

I named her Fire Opal.
The other Walking Arabian in the set was a gorgeous silvery colour that I really liked.

I named him Pyrite.
I did get double orange Magnolias before I got this nice blue one.

I named her Sapphire.
And I also got the "regular" Alby that is a nice light purple colour.

I named him Ametist.
This blind bag thing was a lot more exciting then I thought it would be so if Breyer comes out with some other exciting blind bags I might be tempted to do this again!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Southland Replicas

A while ago I came across a new brand of toys that had a few horses in it, Southland Replicas. I first encountered it when judging a photoshow and thought that they looked quite good. A while later I found them on Modell Pferd Versand and a little while ago I decided to buy them.

I like the look of them and I think they are quite nice for being toys. Below is the Brumby mare.

Her colour is actually quite nice but she's got a few small marks. But that doesn't bother me as I bought them to repaint.

The stallion is my favourite mold of the three, I just love his attitude! The colour is not bad for a toy but mine had a few issues, like a bit of drip in the paint. But like I said, they were bought to be repainted.

I also love his pose!

The foal might look a little wonky and it has huge ears but it is SUPER adorable!

And to be honest, young foals can definitely look a bit wonky 😊

All three of this models will be repainted to be Abaco Spanish Colonial Horses but I haven't decided on what colour for what horse just yet.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Unicorn Bridle

I couldn't believe my luck when my name was drawn for Bushy Tail Creations - Miniature Tack & Props by Dora Duftschmieds amazing unicorn bridle. 

I received it yesterday and I am even more amazed! It is absolutely gorgeous, the details are fantastic and I just LOVE the attention to detail with all the tiny decorative tongue buckles and little gemstones!

It did take a tiny bit of fiddling to get it on but it looks SO good on!

I tried it on a few different models but just thought that it looked so beautiful on the serene looking Belize (Eberl Genoveva rep. S. Nordström).

I think I might bring it with me to my next show just because it needs to be admired! And then I need to figure out the best way to incorporate it in a performance scene so that I can show it at the next possible show!

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Recently a package arrived at my doorstep, containing mostly things for my boyfriend but also a few things for me.

These two dolls will be part of a couple of future performance scenes. But before that they'll get some small things done.

Most notably I will try my hand at repainting their faces and give the girl a better hairdo.

And of course they'll need some better clothes than what I quickly threw together when they arrived. And that will be a challenge.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bits and pieces

Like I mentioned in my last post, just because I haven't blogged, doesn't mean that nothing has happened with the models.

This little girl finally got her old paint stripped off. I bought her a few years ago with the intentions of stripping (with the former painters permission) and repainting her. I have yet to decide on a colour as contrary to some believes Fjords do actually come in quite the variety of colours and shades. I am leaning towards a Gulblack (Palomino Dun), Rödblack (Red Dun), GrĂ„black (Black Dun) or Ljusbrunblack (Light Bay Dun) in that order 😊. But we'll see what she'll end up as the day I decide to paint her.

Next up is a model I bought who had already had some things done to her. I believe her name is Dual (if I remember correctly) and I have quite some plans for her. She had already had her mane removed by previous owner (and the base is by her too).

I have started to sculpt on her mane, which will be braided. In the future I also plan to fix some things in her tail and when done I think I'd like to try my hand at painting her Silver Bay, but that might change as it will be quite some time before she'll be ready.

I have also worked a little bit more on the tack for Nazar. I have yet to put on some decorative stones on the circular plates of the tack but I'm having a hard time deciding on colours... The plan is to give him a saddle and breast collar as well but that might also be some time before I'll manage to do so as a few other plans needed to be put into action before that.

Friday, September 21, 2018


Long time no see. Work has kept me very busy since my last post and it has taken its toll on me so I have been neglecting the blog for a while. But that doesn't mean that nothing has happened with the models. I have recently acquired a new face for the herd and worked on some small projects that will be shown in another post.

My new addition is another Eberl Warmblood, this is Akelei. If you haven't noticed by now, I have quite an obsession with Eberl models, especially her Warmbloods. This model was a bit of an impulse buy but when she showed up in a model horse sales group at pretty much body price I tried to resist, but obviously, failed. 

She had two broken ears (well one and an eartip) and a broken leg but I thought that it would be possible to fix without destroying the paintjob which seemed pretty nice.

I am not completely sure who painted her (she's not signed) but thanks to some kind people on a facebook group I might have found her painter (I am waiting for confirmation from her).

Her colour is really nice even though her prep work might not be perfect in all spots and there are a few small areas in the paintjob that is not completely smooth. But I really, really like her shade of chestnut and that irregular blaze is adorable!

So if I can get in touch with her painter and get permission, I will have her restored (which is my hope as she is quite charming).