Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Show Report Part 2 - Mini Live, Resin, porcelain and OSC

The other part of the show was for Resin, porcelain or OSC minis. I don't have a whole lot of resins and my best resins are in bigger scales but I still had a whole lot of fun showing and some did quite well too :)

Foals were first as usual there weren't a huge amount of foals to be shown but the quality was still high. I had no foals to show so I could just sit back and relax and watch a super cute standardbred foal claim the champion title with a beautiful mustang foal as reserve.

Champion Foal: Beezee Bee J, Very Little One rep. S. Nordström
Champion Foal Reserve: Cato, Poquito rep. L. Verbruggen
Arabians were a far bigger championship then foals but just as with the foals, I had none to show (yet). Even though it's just one breed there were a lot of different models to drool over. I got tho see the mini Khemosabi and he was a really, really nice one (glad I have one on order 😇) he also claimed the champion title with a Jezebel as reserve.

Champion Arabian: Ramses Asim, Mini Khan rep. P. Lawson
Champion Arabian Reserve: Negma, Mini Nahar rep. P. Lawson
When it came to drafters I actually had 4 to show (don't ask me how that happened). Best of the bunch, Brego (Mini Haggis rep. by me) did with a first place in his class. In the end the champion was a gorgeously painted Tiny remade into a mare. I really like that girl! The reserve was a sweet mini Scarlet.

Champion Drafthorse: Isadora, Tiny cm C. Brennholt
Champion Drafthorse Reserve: Tindra, Mini Scarlet rep. P. Lawson
When it came to ponies I had two to show, Lady Louisa (Pasha rep. S. Nordström) and If I Could Dream (HA Misty Dawn rep. A. Gustafsson) and they took first and second in their class. The champion of the pony championship was an adorable grey welsh with a cute shetland pony as reserve.

Champion Pony: Syrto, AA Welsh C rep. S. Rhodes
Champion Pony Reserve: Joker, HA Shetland rep. P. Lawson
Riding- and carriage horses were a small championship but quality was still high. I had no horses to show in this championship so I had lots of time to look at the other beauties. My favourite in this championship managed to grab the champion title with a wonderful mini Eberl model as reserve.

Champion Riding and Carriage Horse: Sindhurakshak, Mini Marwari rep. S. Nordström
Champion Riding and Carriage Horse Reserve: Saverio, Eberl Mini Almanzor rep. C. Jolly
Next up was sporthorses. Normally this is "my" championship. "My" as in the championship where I show most and some of my absolutely best models. This time it was not, I actually had no horses at all to show in this championship... I think I need to get some sporthorse minis! The champion however was a beautiful warmblood (I love that model, reminds me of a mini Lohengrin and I need to get one, one day 😊). The reserve was a really nice thoroughbred stallion (a model I would also like to own a copy of one day).

Champion Sporthorse: Marius Rex, DaCaprio rep. E. Ipes
Champion Reserve: Bugatti, AA Chasing Rainbows rep. P. Nilsson
The stockhorse championship was small in this division too, but some lovely models were shown. My two girls, both painted by me, Wherever you Go (Quintessance rep.) and Shot In The Dark (Bat Girl rep.) both took third in their class. In the end a paint and a quarterhorse claimed the championship titles.

Champion Stockhorse: R. Rainbow Warrior, RC Little Lonestar rep. S. Nordström
Champion Stockhorse Reserve: R. Walla Walla Whim, RC Little Lonestar rep. S. Nordström
I don't have any wild- or crossbred minis either but I always look forward to this championship as there are some really, really great mustang sculptures out there. None of my favourites made an apperance at this show but there were still some great models shown! The winner was a really cool mustang mare and her reserve was a mustang stallion.

Champion Wild and Crossbred: DK's Satinka, Vixen rep. K. Shepard
Champion Wild and Crossbred: Wahkan J, Taboo rep. J. Wilson
Other equus was quite a small championship but the models were adorable! I really liked the couple that claimed the championship titles, they looked like they would make an awesome pair!

Champion Other Equus: Frank, Frank rep. P. Lawson
Champion Other Equus Reserve: Ellie, Ellie rep. P. Lawson
The callback table for the Best in Show vote was really, really tough but in the end the sporthorse champion claimed the Best in Show title with the riding- and carriage horse champion as Best in Show reserve.

Best In Show: Marius Rex
Best In Show Reserve: Sindhurakshak

My horses didn't do great at this show, and I wasn't expecting them to as competition is high and I don't have a whole lot of good minis but I had such a great time and would like to thank the show holder and everyone who participated and made it a great show day! 😊

Monday, March 20, 2017

Show Report Part 1 - Mini Live, OF and Customs

When I read about this show I wasn't sure if I'd go or not. I see myself as a Traditional collector and I don't have that many minis. At least that's what I thought. I do have quite a few minis (Little bits and smaller). They are not as good show horses as my bigger ones but I though why not go anyway. That way some of my less shown models got a chance in the show ring.

This show started with the foal championship and I had no less than 6 models to show. They did quite good with Angel (Sm. Galopping Foal rr T. Wolmer) and Troublemaker (Sm. Scrambling Foal rr T. Wolmer) taking second place in their respective classes. But my best result in these classes my CollectA Donkey Foal rep. by me did. Dixi placed first in her class! I was really proud! The championship titles went to an adorable Appaloosa Sporthorse and a beautiful Swedish Warmblood foal.

Champion Foal: Busta Move, Sm. Prancing Foal rep. D. Capwell
Champion Foal Reserve: Mandelblom CH, Sm. Running Foal cm P. Nilsson
Arabians are not really my breed and I only had my Shabha (Breyer Sm. G1 Arabian Mare OF) to show in this division she placed third out of 4 in her class with the winner of the class taking the champion title with a Peter Stone chips FCM as a reserve.

Champion Arabian: KZ Nienna, Sm. TB cm P. Nilsson
Champion Arabian Reserve: Al-Hadiye, PS Chips FC OF
Onto drafters, another championship where I only had one horse to show and he did good. Dunbar Prince (Sm. G2 drafter rr S. Nordström) took second place in his class. This day was the day of the fjordhorses as both the champion and the reserve where fjordhorses, both really beautiful and I wouldn't mind having both of them on my shelf!

Champion Drafthorse: Pollyglittra, Sm. Para-dressage cm P. Nilsson
Champion Drafthorse Reserve: Grådask, Sm. Para-dressage cm. S. Nordström
Next up was ponies. I'm not really a pony collector but I still had 3 ponies to show in this division. My newly finished Neptune (Sm. G2 WB rr by me) took third out of four but got some really nice comments so I'm pleased. My other two ponies Bailey (Sm. G3 Jumper rr by me) and Mirabelle (Sm. G1 Swaps rr by me) took first and third in their class. Than something really, really surprising happened. Bailey went on to claim the championship title! I couldn't believe it! I think he's really cute and charming but I never considered him good enough to win a championship! His reserve was the one I believed would claim the championship, a beautifully painted CollectA pony.

Champion Pony: Bailey, Sm. Jumper cm T. Melin
Champion Pony Reserve: Vind-Ile, CollectA Dartmoor rep P. Nilsson
Riding- and carriage horses is such a diverse championship and it contains a lot of good horses. My two American saddlebreds Madonna (Sm. G2 ASB rep. C. Johansson) and Since You Don't Love Me (Sm. G2 ASB rep. A. Gustafsson) took first and second in their class. The vote for champion was hard and there were a lot of good horses on the callback table. In the end a knabstrup and appaloosa sporthorse claimed the championship titles. Both of these models have the most amazing details and patterns and were very worthy winners!

Champion Riding and Carriage Horse: Merrilinn J, Sm. G2 WB cm A. Zaharenkova
Champion Riding and Carriage Horse Reserve: Eragon, Sm. G2 WB rep. E. Rönnberg
Onto sporthorses. I love sporthorses but I don't have that many good sporthorses in smaller scales (yet). I had high hopes for my newly painted Bailando (Sm. G2 Andalusian rr. by me) but it didn't go quite as good as I'd hoped. Still he got fourth out of seven with the winner of his class later went to claim the champion title. My girl Symphony D (Sm. G3 Cantering WB rr S. Nordström) won her class, as did my new Sm. G2 TB rr C. Johansson under the name Philophobia with Royal's Mexican Heat (Sm. G2 TB rr S. Nordström) as second. Symphony D later went on to claim champion reserve.

Champion Sporthorse: Tristan CH, CollectA Hanoverian rep. P. Nilsson
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Symphony D, Sm. G3 WB rr. S. Nordström
Stockhorses was quite a small championship and my only horse in this championship was an older repaint of mine (he's not signed but I think he was painted in 2013 or 2014 and updated in 2015). Splinter in My Soul made me proud by taking second in his class and later going on to become champion reserve behind a super nice peter stone chips custom.

Champion Stockhorse: TO Purring Magic, PS Chips QH cm P. Lawson
Champion Stockhorse Reserve: Splinter In My Soul, Sm. G2 Stockhorse rep. T. Melin
I had no wild- or crossbred horses to show so I got more time to watch the beauties shown. I really like the Breyer sm. Rivet mold and might need one or two to repaint one day. The champion was a really nice bay overo and the reserve was a cool appaloosa on a remade G3 jumper.

Champion Wild and crossbreds: Enduro, Sm. G4 Rivet rep. P. Lawson
Champion Wild and crossbreds: Wakiza, Sm. Jumper cm S. Nordström
I had no donkeys or other Equus to show either but I think these are really cute. The winner was a peter stone mule with a Schleich donkey as reserve. 

Champion other Equus: Mary-Lou, PS Chips Mule SR OF
Champion other Equus Reserve: Dawn, Schleich Donkey OF
The callback table for the Best In Show was really tough and any of the models could probably have claimed the title but I the end the champion of the riding- and carriage horse went on to claim the Best in Show title and the Best in Show reserve was the champion of the sporthorse champion. I really like these two and I would be happy to own both of them 😉.

Best In Show: Merrilinn J
Best In Show Reserve: Tristan CH

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rio Rondo Haul!

I've been meaning to put in an order with Rio Rondo for years now. Thankfully the challenge of National Model Tack Month made me drag my ass over to their website and actually do it! I put the order in a little over a week ago and my package arrived yesterday! 😁

The entire haul:

I thought these tubes where smaller so I bought two. But that probably won't be a problem as I'll probably find good use for this anyway.

I bought 4 pieces of leather of two different types. The plan is to one day use these for English saddles, traditional and stablemate sizes.

I also bought some really thin lace that will hopefully, one day, be a stablemate bridle. The silver pieces is for my National Model Tack Month project and the stirrups is for the later English saddle project

The Western Saddle kit was the main piece of the order as that is what will be my National Model Tack Month project. 

I also bought 2 accessories kit, one English and one Western.

The Deluxe Stock halter kit, and maybe the Snaffle Bridle kit, will be my warm-up project(s) for National Model Tack Month as I haven't done any leather tack before 😊

I'm really excited by this haul and waiting until April will be very hard so I'm glad I bought some smaller projects to keep me occupied in the meantime!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Did It!

Better late than never but my NaMoPaiMo model is finally finished (actually he was finished Wednesday) and that makes him my second finished model this year! 😃

He started out as a Breyer Stablemate Andalusian that I gave a new mane and tail, a straighter profile and some new neck muscles.

I chose to paint him as a portrait/semi-portrait of my all-time favourite dressage horse, Briar.

I'm quite happy with how he turned out and even though I most likely will give him a better, permanent base at a later date he now happily resides at my shelf with all my other finished models.

He is probably my best horse to date and hopefully I'll keep improving with every horse I paint.

I had a great time with NaMoPaiMo and learned a lot! I really hope that I might finish my model in time next year.


I named him Bailando and of course, I show him as a Swedish Warmblood stallion. I took him to his first liveshow last weekend and he placed fourth in his class. I had hopes he'd might be able to snag a qualification card but not this time. I still got some nice comments on him and I am extremely happy with him any way 😊.

The real Briar.
The real Briar was actually born at a farm not far from my childhood home and I have been fortunate to meet the real Briar at two occasions, one at a competition and one at the stable where he lived when ridden by Swedish rider Jan Brink. I've also seen him compete at several occasions, both live and on tv. So I'm very happy that I now have my own mini version of him in my collection.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finished Pony!

This model has been in the works for a while and even though I didn't start him this year he had a long way to go at the end of 2016. Therefore I will count him as my first finished model in 2017!

He started his life as a Breyer Stablemate Warmblood. I gave him a new set of ears and a new mane and I really like how it changed his expression. I then painted him a light bay (he turned out slightly darker than my references but that is usually the case with my models 😋).

His name is Neptune and I show him as a New Forest Pony. I actually took him to a liveshow this weekend and he placed third in his class. I also got some nice comments on him 😊.

I think he's quite charming and I'm glad that I finally finished him!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another project

I have yet to finish my NaMoPaiMo horse and still I manage to buy more projects! 

My latest addition to the "project-pile" is this mare:

Her name is Dual and she is sculpted by Yana Danilova and Margarita Malova of Delir Studio. Mine is a bit reworked by the former owner. Here's a link to see what the original looks like.

I got her for a steal from a seller on MHSP and I'm really happy I got to buy her. The previous owner took the mane of with the intentions of resculpting it and she also took out the rod in her stomach and replaced it with two metal rods in her hooves.

I really hope I'll be able to do this girl justice. I plan on sculpting braids on her and do some minor work on her body and base as she is leaning slightly to her right. Which is not too noticeable in the photos but it bothers me a bit IRL.

She has a really sweet face and it'll be fun to start working with her (whenever that will happen...). So far I have no idea of colour and breed for her but it'll take some time for me to finish her so I'll have some time to think about it.

Monday, March 6, 2017

National Model Tack Month

NaMoPaiMo is over and my horse is still not finished. But that doesn't stop me from thinking of the next projects I want to make. When NaMoPaiMo ended a few hobbyists decided to host National Model Tack Month!

I have made very little tack in my hobby life. I made some really, really simple blankets and legwraps for my toy ponies when I was little and of course, I made rubber band bridles! But that is as far as I went and fortunately there are no pictures of any of my childhood "tack".

Since I've found the model horse hobby I've wanted to try to make some tack but to this day my tackmaking attempts consists of 2 blankets, 2 satin ribbon halters and several simple rope halters.

But I want to try my hands at some saddles and bridles, and maybe, one day, even a harness (a girl can dream right?). So I thought National Model Tack Month would be the perfect opportunity to try as I learned so many great things during NaMoPaiMo. I have yet to sign up as I haven't decided what to make yet but I put in an order from Rio Rondo and hopefully my supplies will be here in time for April 1st which is when National Model Tack Month starts!