Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Photoshow result

A few weeks ago I entered a Thoroughbred only photoshow. I only entered two models as I don't have may good pictures of my thoroughbreds.

The first one I entered was Fallen Hero, RC Valor rep. N. Söhn:

And the second one I entered was Lost All Hope, RC Kitty Didit rep. L. Lawrynovicz

Lost All Hope got a third place in her big class of 45.

Fallen Hero did great winning his class of 31, becoming champion stallion and then went o to become Best in Show Reserve! I think I say this pretty much every time but I really need to take better pictures of my models so that I can photoshow more as it's so much fun to read the results!

Saturday, November 18, 2017


My newest acquisition is a beautiful little Arabian resin. And just as with my Gabriel resin from Josine the Swedish Postal system decided to act up and I had to call and actually arrange to have them send the model to my normal pick-up place as they apparently must've forgotten how to do their job when a package sent from the Netherlands ends up in their hands...

Anyway, this is Adib, sculpted by the very talented Josine Vingerling. He is sculpted as a stallion but I think I might turn mine into a mare as he is just not doing it for me as a stallion.

He is a lovely, detailed resin with an amazing face!

I imagine him as a Chesnut arabian mare with lots of chrome but we'll see what color he ends up having as I probably won't get to him in quite some time.

He is a beauty just as he is but he'll be even more beautiful once painted!

Monday, November 13, 2017

NaMoPaiMo 2018?

The last couple of weeks, I have seen a lot of people preparing for NaMoPaiMo 2018 and showing of their prepping and sculpting work of their project horses. I haven't even thought so far ahead yet as I have been very busy but today it hit me. In a few weeks I will leave for a month in New Zealand and I will be back in the middle of January. That means limited time to prep and prime my project horse.

Unfortunately I haven't quite decided what model I will use as my NaMoPaiMo horse. But one evening when I was home alone it just hit me. It would be fun to get my newly acquired project Akhal-Teke painted.

If I manage to prep him and resculpt him in time I will use him for NaMoPaiMo.

As you can see there is quite a bit of work left to do on him but I'll try my best to finish in time.

Atleast his offside is a tad better than his showside at the moment.

I'll have to look through my bodyshelf to see what model I can use as a back-up plan if I won't manage to finish my akhal-teke but I'll try my best to get him finished in time.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Number Fifteen

Just like the title suggests I've just finished painting model number 15 for this year.

It was mostly just a test model that I used to try out a dappling technique on. For a long time it stood unfinished on my project shelf while I actually finished two other models using the dappling technique I first tried out on this model.

This model is a Britains or Britains copy. I'm not too familiar with the brand so I can't tell and it has had some resculpting and any logos were sanded of when this model came to me.

Neither the model, the prep job or the paintjob are perfect but it's a cute little model and I actually like the colour I managed to achieve.

My reference picture was an Ardennais and eventhough it might not be fit for a liveshow ring, I think it could be rather cute in a performance set up, maybe photoshows or as a shelf piece.

I have yet to decide on a name and gender for this model but for now it stands on my shelf.

 She looks a little more shiny in pictures than she does in person, but it could also be the fact that I had to use lightning to take these pictures.

I was thinking about selling this model as it might be a bit "forgotten" in my collection but seeing it finished, I'm not sure about selling it.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish a few more models this year but we'll see how that goes.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Another Silver Brumby character

 I managed to finish another horse!


This model is another one for my Silver Brumby project. This is my interpretation of Tambo, son of Highland Lass ("Lubra") and mate of Thowra's daughter Kunama ("Ritza"). He is made on the Breyer G2 Arabian that I have customized very slightly.

I evened out his dished face. I also had thoughts of adding some feathering to his legs but I actually forgot about it so I explain it with that his mother (and probably father) was once owned by humans and I imagine that he might be slightly "finer" than the wildbred Brumbies because of that.

I'm quite happy with him and can't wait until I get the chance to make some more of the Silver Brumby characters as they are a nice distraction between other models.

 I think he will look really cool in an environment that I hope to make one day.

Tambo is the 14th model I've finished this year (not counting my newly finished portrait of Hjalmar) and I'm quite proud about that fact and actually look forward to finish a few more this year 😊

Thursday, November 2, 2017

IMEHA Champions

I just realized when looking through my horses showing with IMEHA that I had 2 new horses that have gathered enough points to earn themselves the IMEHA Champion title.

The first one is Giant Snowstorm. He's been competing in his breed class and mold class doing okay but not great but his consistent placings managed to earn him the Champion title. He has managed to claim the Division reserve champion title once in his mold show.

The other horse that reached Champion status is a favourite of mine. R. Peppermint has only shown in AR or CM liveshow class and she's been doing quite well. She's been crowned Division Champion no less than 12 times and Division Reserve Champion Reserve two times.

I'm very happy to see them reach their champion statuses.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New face in the herd

When Sahale J managed to claim the Best in Show Reserve title at this years Swedish Nationals I won Breyer's new release of Man O' War. I have seen this model live at another show and unfortunately that model showed quite a bit of "molding flaws" which I thought was a shame as I really like the old classic thoroughbreds but I was kind of put of by the mold flaws. 

I was very happy to win one and from the look of him when he was still in box he looked quite good.

When I opened him up I realized that I might have been very lucky. He has very few issues and an absolutely gorgeous shade of chestnut.

The biggest issue I've found yet is with his right front leg that he is not standing very well on. However it's not particularly noticeable in pictures.

I'm glad I won him and I really like him! I think he might even come with me to my next show.