Friday, August 23, 2019

Liveshow report Part 1: Halter

About a month ago, I went to another liveshow. As usual I had a great time. Got to see some *amazing* models and meet some new (and some, by now, well-known) people. The divisions were tough and the winners very deserving.

Foals were the first division in the open show and there were some gorgeous models! I only showed one foal, Helios (RC Oliver rep. S. Kern) and he got third in his class. I can't be disappointed with that placing as the winner and second place in his class were the ones that were voted Champion and champion reserve! The novice champion was a repaint of the newer Breyer Lippizaner/Hackney foal that was really lovely aswell! The foal who got reserve was probably my favourite of the bunch, such a beautiful and detailed model!

Champion Foal: Dolce Khabana, RC HA Biendecado rep. A. Freda
Champion Foal Reserve: Conversano Ukrina 1, RC Dobrowolska-Oczko Fazan rep L Magga
Champion Foal Novice: Gidran-19 Róka, Breyer Lipizzaner foal rr A Freda

Arabians were up after the foals. There were several beautiful Arabians in this division! I had 2 Arabians to show. Sayad (RC mini Khemo rep. S. Nordström) who got 4th in his class and Arwen (RC Gizelle rep. S. Nordström) who got 6th in her class. It proved to be the day of the Arabian mares as all of the champions were mares. I am especially fond of the soft colouring on the champion reserve but also the interesting colouring of the champion.

Champion Arabian: Raisha, RC Iaret rep. E. Rossiter
Champion Arabian Reserve: Shahnaz, RC Delilah rep. J. Vingerling
Champion Arabian Novice (not pictured): Lady Midnight, Breyer PAM rep. S. Turesson

As usual, I didn't have a lot of models to show in the next championship, which was the draft championship. My only draft er was AR Brigadör (PC MM Brigadier rep. A. Gustafsson) and I am okay with his placing, which was third in his class. I'm not that much of a draft person but there were so many lovely drafters in this championship! Especially the beautiful bay champion caught my eye! Such a lovely model and beautiful paintjob. I am also a fan of the reserve which I think is a really great model, especially for being a bendable! And the colouring of the Novice champion was really nice as well.

Champion Drafter: Pan Twardowski, RC Dobrowolska-Oczko Cumulus rr A. Freda
Champion Drafter Reserve: Merlin, Safari Tinker rr. T. Wolmer
Champion Drafter Novice: Rodny, CollectA Ardenner rep. J. Taudien
Ponies were up after the drafters. I had 2 models to show and they both did rather well. Epsilon (NL New Forest OF) managed to grab third in the Connemara class and Maverick (RC Tivoli rep. A. Dionne) got second place in the Riding Pony class. In The end an adorable Welsh Pony was voted champion with an equally adorable Exmoor as reserve. Both of these Ponies are so cute and would easily be welcome to come live with me. The Novice champion is a model that I, personally, am not the biggest fan of but this one was painted in a colour that really made this model a favour. 

Champion Pony: Steerpike, RC Auron rep. Z. Lahdenranta
Champion Pony Reserve: Wilbur, RC Mini Fabrizio rep. P. Lawson
Champion Pony Novice: Gemini, Breyer Connemara mare rep. S. Turesson
Riding and carriage breeds were next and it was a rather diverse championship, with breeds from several continents. I had two models in this championship and I am very happy with their placings. El Salvaje (RC Verrocio rep. L. Lawrynovicz) took second in his class. But I was even more proud to see Raphael (RC Gabriel rep. by me) win his class. The champion of the day was a beautiful Morgan stallion. Morgan is a breed I don't know that much about and a breed I don't have a whole lot of models in. I have seen a few of the Covenant versions before but this is probably the one I like best as I really like the life it has. The reserve is another really nice model who's owner was very surprised to see winning the reserve title. The novice champion was a really nicely painted Django. I need to get my hands on a Django body at some point!

Champion Riding- and Carriagebreeds: Flanagan's Folly, RC WBP Coventant's Legacy rep. Chris Jolly
Champion Riding- and Carriagebreeds Reserve: FDL Poetica, RC Fiesta rep. A. Kessler
Champion Riding- and Carriagebreeds Novice: Ooievaar, Breyer Django rep. A. Freda
The next championship was a bit different than usual. This show has a breed special for the second year in a row, which means that the special breed gets its own championship. This year it was Warmbloods so the Sporthorse championship was put together with the stockhorse championship. The sporthorse championship is usually the one were I show the most models but since the Warmbloods had their own championship it wasn't the championship I showed most horses in. I still had 5 horses to show and they did very well! Lost All Hope (RC Kitty Didit rep. L. Lawrynovicz) and Fallen Hero (RC Valor rep. N. Söhn) showed in the same class and got first and third. My only quarter horse, Don't Call Me Nymphadora got first in her class. As did Nahele (RC El Embosco rep. J. Hall) in the mustang class, with Sahale J (RC El Embosco rep. E. Gonzalez) as third in the same class. I was really, really proud when Don't Call Me Nymphadora was voted champion with Lost All Hope as reserve. The novice championship went to a really nicely painted quarterhorse. 

Champion Sporthorse/Stockhorse: Don't Call Me Nymphadora, RC Moxie rep. A. Brock
Champion Sporthorse/Stockhorse Reserve: Lost All Hope, RC Kitty Didit rep. L. Lawrynovicz
Champion Sporthorse/Stockhorse Novice: Mowgli, CollectA Apploosa rep. J. Taudien
The next championship was other Equus and as usual, I had no models to show. I hope to change that in a not too distant future. Anyway, the champion title went to one of my absolute favourite mules in a really, really cool (and well painted) colour. The reserve was a really cute little tiny thing in another really cool colour. The novice champion went to a very breed appropriate Poutein Donkey.

Champion Other Equus: Izadora D, RC Mulinette rep. C. Johansson
Champion Other Equus Reserve: Leo, RC MB MM Pontus rep. T. Wolmer
Champion Other Equus Novice: Eir, Schleich Poitou Åsna rep. S. Sveningsson
And at läst, time for my favourite championship. I am a fan of sporthorses in general but Warmbloods are still closest to my heart among the sporthorses. I showed 6 models in the Warmblood championship with various results. In the Swedish Warmblood stallions and geldings, I showed 2 models, my newly acquired Accent (RC Wee Jay rep. J. Castleman) and my beloved oldie, Chester VS (RC Caitano rep. S. Nordström). They got first and fifth in the class. My only Swedish Warmblood mare, Belize (RC Genoveva rep. S. Nordström) got 4th in her class.
In the class for German Warmblood breeds I showed two models, Empire (AAE Waterfestival SR Davy Jones OF) and Caliber (RC Mini Caprice rep. S. Prosser) and They got first and fifth in the class.
Dutch Warmblood breeds were up next and my last Warmblood to show was Nimbus (RC Oscar rr. E. Zarzecka) and he got fourth in his class. I was really proud when Accent was voted champion with a really, really beautiful mini Tornado. I really want to add a mini Tornado to my collection in the future. The novice champion was a really nicely painted Totilas.

Champion Warmblood: Accent, RC Wee Jay rep. J. Castleman
Champion Warmblood Reserve: Tactic, RC Tornado rep. J. DeCurir
Champion Warmblood Novice: Haddock, Breyer Totilas rep. S. Turesson

It was no easy task voting for Best in Show with all the gorgeous models on the callback table but in the end, the Best in Show title went to the adorable little Welsh Pony.

Best in Show: Steerpike
Best in show reserve went to the beautiful Ardennais from the drafter championship.

Best in Show Reserve: Pan Twardowski
And best in show novice went to the really cute foal who won the novice champion title.

Best in Show Novice: Gidran-19 Róka
Next up is workmanship! 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

New Jumping Horse

I saw the promo pictures for the new regular run Breyer jumper and was immediately interested. It's a Warmblood after all. He looked okay in pictures so I thought I'd give it a chance and buy him. I wasn't quite sure I'd like his braided mane though.

He arrived a little over a week ago and I am pleasantly surprised by how good he looks. I don't love the braids but I can definitely live with them. And I will probably need a couple of bodies on this mold to remake, I think he would be absolutely perfect as a mare with button braids!

He has quite the nice colour and only minor factory flaws.

He has a really nice face that I really like. The stand is a bit different as it is not completely rigid and the if you put it down on a table or shelf the horse might bob a little bit on the stand. 

I will show this guy as a Swedish Warmblood and have named him Attack.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Unintentional Congas

I have had this post planned for several years. I did a post about my intentional congas and had planned to make this post not too long after. Yeah, that turned out well.. or not. Anyway. My boyfriend made another shelf so that I could display more of my stablemates in my cabinets and in order to put the shelf in, all the stablemates had to go out.

I grabbed the opportunity to photograph my congas when they were all out of the cabinets. I only count the models that are actually finished (I do have a few bodies on some of the molds so technically the conga might be bigger but I won't count them until they are done).

Without further ado, here are the unintentional congas that have gathered on my shelves.

Lonesome Glory mold: 3 models

Stablemate G3 Jumper: 5 models (4 OF and 1 custom)

Stablemate G2 TB Conga, my biggest one! 17 models (13 OF and 4 customs)

Breyer Stablemate Pacer: 3 models

Breyer Stablemate G3 TWH: 5 models

Breyer Stablemate G2 Paso Mare: 8 models (6 OF and 2 customs)

Breyer Stablemate G3 Drafter: 3 models 
Breyer Stablemate G2 Drafter: 10 models (8 OF and 2 customs)

Breyer Stablemate G2 Stockhorse: 7 models (4 OF and 3 customs)
This mold is a bit sentimental, as the black one is my first ever repaint and the chestnut custom is my third ever repaint

Breyer Stablemate G3 Peruvian Paso: 3 models

Breyer Stablemate Higland Pony: 6 models (4 OF and 2 customs)

Breyer Stablemate G2 Pony: 4 models (3 OF and 1 custom)
The black tobiano is my second ever repaint.

Breyer Stablemate G2 Warmblood: 9 models (6 OF and 3 customs)

Breyer Stablemate G4 Warmblood Stallion: 3 models

Breyer Stablemate G3 Rearing Andalusian: 3 models

Breyer Stablemate G3 Arabian: 4 models

Breyer Stablemate G2 Morgan: 4 models (3 OF and 1 custom)

Breyer Stablemate G3 Mustang: 3 models

Breyer Stablemate G2 Andalusian: 4 models (3 OF and 1 custom)

Breyer Stablemate G3 Standing Thoroughbred: 5 models

Breyer Stablemate G2 Arabian: 6 models (5 OF and 1 custom) 

Breyer Stablemate G2 Trotting Foal: 10 models (9 OF and 1 custom)

Breyer Stablemate Scratching Foal: 7 models (6 OF and 1 etched)

Breyer Stablemate G3 Standing Foal: 4 models

Breyer Stablemate Cantering Foal: 5 models (4 OF and 1 custom)

Breyer Stablemate Scrambling Foal: 8 models (4 OF and 4 customs)
Hope you enjoyed to see a bit more of my collection.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Original Sculpt - Aslan project

My first original sculpt, did not go as planned. I had every intention on taking my time, making the best I could out of him, but I didn't.

He managed to get pushed down to the floor during his sculpting process so I put him on hold for awhile and I worked more hours at my job than I thought I would so I had to rush him a lot to get him finished in time for the show, I even had to finish his paintjob the day before the show.

I am not extremely happy with the sculpt but I am a bit more happy with the paint work as I think I managed to get a decent fjord dun on him (the picture doesn't do the colour justice, he looks a bit better IRL).

The Original Aslan
So because of all this I have now started what I call the Aslan project and look at this sculpture as a practice in working with the materials and tools I used. 

The Aslan project will be a series of similar fjord sculpts that I will make to see my sculpting improve and it will continue until I have a fjord sculpture I am happy with. So in the next couple of weeks I plan on making the armature for Aslan 2.0.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

First painted mini resin

I recently finished painting my first mini resin. I won this guy at a show not long ago and decided I wanted to finish him in time for the show I was attending in July, as there was a special Mini Division.

This is the Kelly Sealey Maxi Cob mini resin and he is absolutely adorable. I am not particularly familiar with Cobs and cob showing/breeding so I did some research to decide on a colour and breed for shows. 

I decided on a nice, classic bay with some chrome as I thought that would be a simple, yet striking combination for a show ring. 

I am very happy with how he turned out and I really like his colour. I am also really glad that his markings turned out as good as they did. 

This little boy was a joy to paint and thanks to his small size, I managed to paint him quite fast. I really liked painting this tiny guy and might need to get my hands on some more mini resins to paint. Maggie Bennet's Monthly Micros are REALLY tempting! 

He has such a nice, gentle look to him that I just adore!

I decided to name him Abercrombie and I show him as a Maxi Cob (Ardennes x Irish draft) as I found a horse similar in body type with that breeding.

Friday, August 16, 2019


Shortly after the last liveshow was over, I started preparing for the next and I had promised myself to finish a few new horses to bring. One of them was of a kind of Hell horse I have had in mind for several years.

He started his life as a Breyer G4 Reiner. I removed his mane and tail and sculpted a new more Devil-like tail. I also drilled holes in him and attached a pair of AbbeyInc bat wings to him. I then started to paint him.

He started out in a very shimmery, light purple colour before I darkened him to almost black. The purple still shines through a little bit in places, just as I had intended.

I also used PearlEx powders for the first time, using Interference Purple on the underside of the wings... 

It is a bit hard to see the interference purple on the underside of the wings but it is there.

And interference gold on the top of his wings to give him some colour shifts. 

I am quite happy with how he turned out and with time I have plans to make him a bit of a scene where he is just landing in an old graveyard. I also named him Faust as I thought it was fitting.