Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Ever since I found out about Breyers and Breyerfest, I have wanted to go. Unfortunately I live in Sweden and it costs quite a bit to get to Kentucky. As a kid I wanted to go, but I also knew that my family would not have the means to do so. Now that I am an adult, things are different. It'll still require quite a bit of planning, money, time and so on, but it is possible. My boyfriend and I plan to o go one year. We have yet to decide on the actual year we are going, but it will happen. 

When I saw this year's theme I was intrigued. It felt like an interesting theme and I have always had an interest in history, legends, mythology and different religions so it felt like a theme I would really enjoy. When they started to release sneak peaks and pictures of special runs I was even more intrigued. Sporthorses are my thing so when they released the Celebration horse I knew I would need to try and track one down. And then the released Epona. I do casually conga the Strapless mold (I don't try to get all of them, I don't want all of them, I only buy the ones I like) and this one caught my interest. It looked to be a year where I would need to try and track down several horses (first year I have felt the need to have more than maybe one or two).

And then Covid-19 happened. Everyone of my plans for the year slowly but surely went down the drain. Falsterbo Horse Show (the week of horse competitions I attend with my mother every year) was cancelled, shortly after they cancelled the week we go dancing. This year has been hard on me and I was really looking forward to the summer and all the fun things I was about to attend to keep my mind off of things and hopefully make me feel a bit better. Then the news came.

Breyerfest would go virtual! I was ecstatic. This meant that I could attend! I watched the special runs being revealed and soon decided that I wanted a shot at more than 2 special runs. So I bought 2 three day tickets. Then the Single Day Stablemates were revealed. I liked most of them but I absolutely LOVED Jersey! I treated myself to a 4-pack to get one of each.

Breyerfest has always been an exciting time but I have never been more interested and involved in every sneak peek, every reveal and new info that came out! I loved the special runs! My favourites being Brighid and Beltane (the mare and foal) and Epona (the Strapless). But I was also intrigued by the Surprise horse as I had a feeling that it might be on the Giselle mold (which, is a sporthorse and by my favourite sculptor). Ash is another one I really liked, and so did my boyfriend. He is not a horse person but he loves miniatures and to make scenes so he has amassed a little collection of his own and the one mold he has taken a real liking to, is the Othello mold. The ones I liked the least was Thorn and Boudicca, however they are still very nice models and I would not be too sad if I got those. That meant that it was rather easy to put together my special run master list when that time came.

I started to prepare for Breyerfest by taking Friday off of work as I felt I needed it. Timezones can be a pain so I wanted to be prepared so I wouldn't miss out on anything.

When Breyerfest came, it was an absolute blast! I did a little shopping on Thursday evening from the Artisans Gallery. I am very happy with the things I bought and can't wait for them to arrive! Friday I mostly spent watching the livestreams and the tutorials. It was an amazing experience! I loved every bit of it! 

Saturday I went to the shop to try and get a couple of the store specials. I managed to snag myself 1 out of the 2 things I wanted at the first restock of the day and just a little bit later I got the second thing. Happy to have gotten the things I wanted from the store I kept watching tutorials, livestreams and more of the recorded content. I also watched the evening show, which I also really enjoyed. My first SR time was on Saturday. When I went to see what special runs was chosen for me I was so excited I jumped off the couch squealing and almost starting to cry! I was chosen for my first and second choice!

Sunday was my second Special Run time but before that I once again immersed myself in the livestreams and tutorials. I tried to pick up as many tips and tricks as possible and learnt so many new things! My next SR time was Sunday and I was once again a bit nervous about what models would be chosen for me. I opened up the page and I couldn't believe it! My third and fourth choice of models were right there! I felt incredibly lucky!

I really loved virtual Breyerfest. I think Breyer did an incredible job in putting it all together. I know quite a few people had issues. Fortunately I was not one of them and yes, that might be one reason I really think it went well. But no matter what I think Breyer tried to fix the issues that arose and tried to make the best of it. And to be honest, it is no easy feat moving an event as big as Breyerfest online in such short amount of time! I would love to see a virtual aspect of future Breyerfests as that enables all of us who might not have the opportunity to attend in other ways.

When Breyerfest was over the waiting started. My celebration horses and my single day stablemates arrived last week and I am so happy!

Both my Celebration Horses was a bit flawed. Nothing too bad, but bad enough that they'll probably be less competitive in a live show. I kept the one I liked best, he does have run in the paint on the inside of his right back leg and a couple of factory flaws but he will be fine for photoshows and to be admired on the shelf. The other model had a mold flaw on his nose that disturbed me but he got a new home, in my boyfriend's shelves. He will be a performance horse for a scene my boyfriend has been wanting to do for a while and for that, he is good enough if my boyfriend decides to keep him OF.

My celebration horse who I named Chacco Gold. He will be shown as a Mecklenburg,
Orkney was my least favourite mold of the four. However I really, really loved the golden palomino colour he had.

I named him Éirinn go Brách and he will be shown as an Irish Cob.
Skye was my second favourite when they were announced. He has a very nice colour and the mold is very cute. Although it might remind me a bit more of a mare than a stallion. He was the only one of the four to arrive with a visible flaw. He has an obvious eartip rub, I might fix it if I feel brave enough, otherwise he will be a fine photo show horse.

I named him Phoenix Ashes and he will be shown as a Morgan.
Arran was the wild card of the four. I am not a fan of the traditional Croi model. However I actually like this little cutie. Her colour is much better in person and I really, really like her.

I named her Poetic Grace and she will be shown as a Connemara.
Jersey was my absolute favourite out of the bunch. I have really taken a liking to the new stablemate thoroughbred and chestnut is my favourite colour so it might not have been a total surprise. Anyway, Jersey did not disappoint! He has a lovely color and markings and no visible flaws.
I have yet to decide on a name for him but he will be shown as a Thoroughbred.
My first shipment of Breyerfest horses has been great! Hopefully I am as lucky with the rest. One package might arrive tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

Monday, July 27, 2020

70th Anniversary Stablemates

There is something about blind bags. I love the excitement of opening up a bag and not knowing what I will find inside, I love to feel up the bags, trying to guess what's inside and then opening to see if I was right or wrong. So when Breyer announced the new 70th Anniversary stablemates blind bags I was intrigued. I love the thought of the shrunken traditional molds and I really wanted to paint several of them! So I decided to buy an entire box.

I have learnt that there are several different way this boxes could come packed and I think I got the ultimate box layout with three of each model.

In these boxes there are 8 different molds.

Pictured below are the Missouri Fox Trotter, the Smart Chic Olena mold, the Fell pony mold and the Indian Pony mold. 

Pictured below is the Croi (Connemara Mare) mold, the rearing stallion mold, the clydesdale stallion mold and the gypsy vanner mold.

I kept two of each for repaints, except for the gypsy vanner (I only kept one of those) and the Clydesdale stallion (I kept all three of those, hoped to keep one OF but they had paint flaws so all will be repainted).

The only one I liked enough to keep OF was the rearing stallion. I did keep the other two for repaints. Picture of the guy I kept below.

Most of the molds, I have never been a fan of in traditional scale but for some reason I really, really like them in stablemate scale. I can't wait 'til I have the time and inspiration to paint these!

Sunday, July 26, 2020


Back in March I decided to join Maggie Bennetts Monthly Micro subscription. Unfortunately I joined to late to get the cranky Trakhener mare Castanea. I saw that mare and decided I needed her! I just love her attitude!

Fortunately I found a seller willing to part with two (I need one to be a chestnut mare but I also want one in another colour. I do have a bay in mind as she kind of reminds me of a mare I knew)

Anyway I bought these girls in the middle of April, the seller sent them super quickly and I got the tracking number. Then I waited. I wasn't quite aware of how bad shipping would be because of Covid-19 but I would definitely find out. According to the tracking number the package left the US on the 18th April. Since late June I have been in contact with the Swedish PO 3 times. The first 2 times they did not know where the package was and told me that I should probably contact the sender as it was probably lost. The third time (around the 13th July) I was told it had reached the Swedish customs. They finally arrived on the 22nd July. I am very happy to have these girls in my collection, finally!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

New photos

My boyfriend and I recently decided to treat ourselves and buy a light tent to take photos in. I don't have to many good opportunities to take the models out for photographs (and not that many great spots to use for photos either) and my boyfriend wants to be able to photographs and put up scenes with his 1/6 scale collection. So it happened. So far I have had quite a bit of use for it.

I have photographed every single (painted) traditional scale model in my collection. I don't have a fitting background for the smaller scales yet, but when I do, they will be next!

This post will showcase a couple of my favourite pictures.

Acuatico, Breyer Tr. Blue Suede Shoes OF
Amber, Breyer Tr. Protocol OF

Attack, Breyer Tr. Voyeur OF

Belize, RC Genoveva rep. S. Nordström

Casanova, Breyer Tr. Catch Me OF

Chester VS, RC Caitano rep. S. Nordström

El Salvaje, RC Verrochio rep. L. Lawrynovicz
Firenze, Breyer Tr. Totilas rep. D. Brown

Fuego, Breyer Tr. Hidalgo OF

Lexus, Breyer Tr. Totilas rep. J. Ward

Lost All Hope, RC Kitty Did It rep. L. Lawrynovicz

Luthién, Breyer Tr. Premier Club Rhian OF

Moonlight Shadow, RC Primula rr. ?/D. Brown

Nahele, RC El Embosco rep. J. Hall

Nimbus, RC Oscar rr. E. Zarzecka

R. Peppermint, PS Weanling rr S. Nordström

Sahale J, RC El Embosco rep. E. Gonzales

Sato's Surprise, Breyer Tr. Sato OF

Vivaldi, Breyer Tr. Web SR Acadia OF

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Long time no see. I haven't been posting here in quite a while because to be honest, I haven't been doing too good. This year has taken a huge toll on me on the personal plane (and that is without considering anything covid-19 related). It is only lately that things are starting to look a bit better and I am also starting to feel a little bit better. I have quite a bit to post about so expect several posts in the near future. And hopefully I will keep doing better and keep up with posting here.

Anyway enough of the serious stuff. Early in the year, before everything took a turn for the worse I actually managed to finish a couple of horses that have been in progress for a little while.

They are both fantasy pieces and it has actually been quite fun just letting go and play with the colours. First up is Leptailurus. A G3 Arabian Unicorn that I repainted to a silver grey with black markings inspired by the serval, a beautiful animal I had the pleasure of seeing during my stay in South Africa.

I am quite pleased with how he turned out.

I don't do a whole lot of fantasy models but I do have a couple more in the works.

I really like the colour gradient in the mane and on the body. I also like his black nose, painted that way to resemble the serval nose.

The other horse I finished is Tigros. A Stablemate G2 Drafter Unicorn, painted in white with a light creme shading, light golden mane, tail and feathers and darker golden stripes, inspired by a tiger.

I do love cats, in all forms, and the great big cats are very inspiring animals so it is fun to be able to incorporate that in my painting.

My next two fantasy pieces are inspired by the jaguar and the cheetah. I don't know when they will be finished but I think these four will look really cool together on the shelf. So far Leptailurus is my favourite, even though I am quite happy with Tigros as well, I am more partial to silver than gold and I think that might play a part.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

More ponies

For Christmas this year, my father gifted me some money to spend on something for myself. Since me and my BF just bought a house, my father knows that most of our money at the moment go into the house. As I found a Breyer retailer with a serious sale on their stock, I decided to spend some of the money I got on a couple of models. 

They arrived soon after I ordered but I would say that the packing left a bit to be desired. 

They came in a black plastic bag.

Inside the bag the boxes where wrapped in 2 thin layers of bubble wrap. Fortunately, the courier service had treated my package very well as there wasn't even a dent in the boxes and all models came out with no issues.

Inside was a couple of models I've wanted for a while.

The Protocol set, I mostly wanted because I really liked the horse (but the dogs will stay as they are really nice as well). The glitter unicorns I really liked the colours of and mostly wanted because of the Alby as it's in my favourite colour and the walking TB as that is another of my favourite colours and one of my favourite stablemate molds.

The Suncatcher stablemates where mostly bought as I really wanted to try painting some clearware models and I have some really fun ideas planned for them!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Christmas Ponies

Even though my boyfriend and family are, and have always been, very supportive of my model horse hobby, I don't really expect a lot of model horsie gifts. Last year I told my boyfriend about a couple of models that I would love to have in my collection but since then I didn't think to much about it. 

However BF remembered and so, I got some models for Christmas ♥️. 

Firstly, he got me the Breyerfest 30th Anniversary Stablemate Set. 

And he also got me the Beautiful Breeds Christmas Ornament. This is my first Breyer Ornament but I wanted it really, really bad since it was a Fjord 😊 With the move and everything we didn't have a Christmas tree this year so he is still in his package. However I will try to find a good way to display him on the shelves until next year.

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of the newbies.

Altivo, will be shown as a P.R.E

Harmonic Rain, will be shown as a Morgan

Fahad Ibn Ryshad, will be shown as a Straight Egyptian Arab

La Boiúna, will be shown as a Paso Fino

Lil' Golden Pistol, will be shown as a Quarter

Mistral, will be shown as a Welsh Sec D

Everest, will be shown as an Ardennais

Octagram D, will be shown as a Swedish Warmblood

Iridium, will be shown as a Thoroughbred
For some reason I didn't get any pictures of the Mariah's Boon stablemate. Anyway, I named him Indigo Blue and will show him as an Irish Cob.