Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Colour variation

Strapless has been a favourite model of mine for quite some time, actually, I think I've wanted one since I saw her in the Breyer catalog from her release year. It took me several years to track down one down and buy it, and unfortunately, she has quite a few marks and scratches which prevents her from doing good in liveshows. 

Recently a fellow Swedish collector was selling hers so I saw my chance to "upgrade" to a better one and use my old one as a body.

She arrived today and she's in really good condition (only a few minor shiny marks and a tiny pin point mark on one ear tip).

But the thing I noticed with her was that she seemed lighter than I expected.

So of course I had to bring out my other Strapless to compare.

Here they are, side to side, the one I had from before is the one in the red halter. The new one has a lighter face and neck than my old one.

The light and these photos are not great but you can see a bit of a difference between the two. The white on the left foreleg is also not identical.

I thought it was fun to see how different they actually looked when compared. My old one is a later one in the run (numbered at 7400 something) and the new one is an earlier one in the run (numbered at 500 something) so that might have something to do with the difference.

Anyway, I have come to love my dark Strapless very much (despite her flaws) and as the new Strapless wasn't as dark as I had expected I have decided that I'll keep them both as is as I can't make myself repaint a model in such a good condition (the new one) and as I am very fond of the dark colour of my old one I couldn't let the lighter one replace her. So now I have two Strapless models in my conga 😊

Monday, June 11, 2018

At Long Last

Back in December my name was drawn in the lottery for buying a Leonardo by Emilia Kurila. I paid in January and then I waited. I knew that it would be some time before he would be done to ship but I was quite eager to see this guy in person so I just wanted him to arrive!

A few days ago I got to pick him up at my post office. I liked the look of him in pictures and I really hoped I would like him as much in person but I wasn't quite sure as I'm usually not the one for braided up Iberian breeds (I prefer them with loose manes so I am a bit more fond of Lucius to be honest, but missed out on him). 

I am not sure why I thought I might not like him as much in person as I did in pictures because when I unpacked him I was absolutely smitten. He is GORGEOUS and detailed to perfection!

He's a nice and smooth casting and his details are so amazing!

From his detailed, braided mane,

To the even more beautifully braided and detailed tail (I just love how she sculpted the strands of hair).

He even have whisker bumps!

And an incredibly beautiful face! Now to figure out a colour and a painter for him (and of course save up for his paintjob!)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Long overdue

I haven't forgotten about the giveaway I wanted to do when I reached 50 000 views but unfortunately life has taken it's toll on me and that means that work on the possible giveaway models are going very slow (details about the giveaway will be released when all the models are finished).

However, I am making a little bit of progress as I just finished one of the horses!

I am actually quite happy with her colour and markings.

She is a Safari Toob Pony that I decided to paint in a chestnut tobiano colour and I think it suits her really well. She'd make a really cute Shetland pony!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

New little pony

A new little pony has also entered my collection.

This little sweetie is quite special as she is painted by my boyfriend. She is a Safari Toob pony painted to a nice bay with no white markings.

Her name is Serafina and she'll be shown as a Shetland pony mare.

I do have a few of these toob ponies in my body box and I think I'll need to get some more painted as they are adorable!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

New face in the collection

A few days ago, my latest addition to the collection arrived! I was not supposed to buy another model as I have a few coming my way already but this girl showed up, at a good price and the seller allowed time payments.

So yeah, it happened. This gorgeous mare is Stacey Tumlinsons Gizelle painted by Swedish artist Sophie Nordström.

I have seen this girl a few times before and I always liked her look so I am happy that I was able to buy her. I absolutely love her face!

I call her Arwen and she'll be shown as an Arabian mare.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In the works

For quite some time now I've had a distinct lack of motivation to do pretty much anything but eat, sleep and work. I still try to find my motivation one little step at the time and yesterday, I actually felt like doing some small work on my models.

So I picked up this little group:

Adib is now a mare and I fixed a few pinholes in his tail and a tail strand that was missing. Tiny is now also a mare. Realta is a second so she had some serious issues! The bigger issues I've already fixed but I filled in some more pinholes on her. She still has quite a bit of prepping left before being ready to paint but I work on it one small step at the time. The two medallions are full of pinholes (mostly the fjord) that I need to fill in so that I can start to paint them. I filled in some pinholes and will give them a light sand and priming when dry so that I can see if there are more that needs fixing.

Not a whole lot of work but I am happy for every little thing I get done!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Show Report: Random Pictures

Just some random photos took at my last show.

Resin foal class, with my Cochise, MM Flicker rep. L. Morris (far right) placing first!
Plastic foal class Troublemaker, Sm. Scrambling Foal rr T. Wolmer, taking first and Bellamie, Sm. Scrambling Foal rep. A. Gustafsson placing second!

Another Plastic Foal class. My Dixi, CollectA Donkey rep. by me, taking second and Tess, Schleich Trakhener Foal rep. T. Wolmer taking fifth.

Resin mustang class. Cheyenne, MM Sierra rep. L. Morris taking second!

Stockhorse Class, Quarterhorses I believe. Don't Call Me Nymphadora, Moxie rep. A. Brock, taking first!

My Dixi was voted "best donkey"!

Fun picture from the Resin Stockhorse callback table.