Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Back!

Or well I've been back in Sweden for exactly 3 weeks today but I've had so much to do catching up to do with everything and I'm back to work. After almost six weeks in South Africa it feels both strange and great to be back home! :)

So at the moment I'm doing my best to catch up on everything from my normal blogs, forums, youtube channels, IMEHA and NAN results, Swedish Modelhorse Society magazines and more so I'm far from done yet but I'm working on it!

I will post a few of my favourite pictures and I might do a post later with some more picture and telling you guys what I've done! :)

This is Wettes (Wittes?) the lazy white lion male.

Sasha, a lurky and unpredictable young lioness.

Ceasar, an adorable and wonderful young tiger male.

A new little white lion cub.

Echo, the little lion boy that I got to help out bottlefeeding! My beautiful baby!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Liveshow Haul

Today's post will cover my "liveshow haul" from the show in April. These are the models I won in the raffle or as prizes for championships etc.

A G3 stablemate Warmblood Mare in a beautiful bay roan, originally from a Mystery Foals set. I have no name for her yet (thinking of Asteria) but she will stay OF and be shown as a trakhener mare.

This little G3 jumper will be customized. I have yet to decide if I want to customize him to be Arrow for my Silver Brumby project (in that case he will be a walnut colored chestnut with some resculpting) or if I want to give him a braided mane and perhaps tail, and make him a blue roan jumping pony with no white.

This little haflinger foal will be repainted. For some reason this schleich foal has always made me think that it would be a cute fjord foal so now that I won one that is exactly what I will repaint it to. Thinking bay, yellow or red dun for him/her.

This unpainted stallion will get some customization, mainly to his face to get rid of that dished profile as he will be my interpretation of the black overo stallion Tambo for my Silver Brumby project.

This little Swaps will be a mare but I have yet to decide if I want her to be my interpretation of Dawn from the Silver brumby series (and in that case she will be a light palomino, possibly cremello) or if I want to give her braids and a dapple grey, chestnut or possibly roan paintjob.

This guy will be repainted to be my interpretation of Steel in the Silver Brumby books and he will be grey. I'm thinking steel grey.

This guy will stay OF and his name is Lieutenant. He is a buckskin going grey Swedish warmblood stallion.

This little foal is absolutely lovely! It's the foal from the same mystery foal set as the warmblood mare pictured first in this post. She doesn't have a name or breed yet.

This set is one of the mare and foal sets I wanted most, 2 molds I really like and a bonus foal :) The stallion is called Talisman and is a Swedish Warmblood. The mare is now named Summer and she will be a warmblood of some kind. The foal is still a mystery as I haven't opened the box yet but as soon as I've opened it I'll show you pictures!

I'm really only interested in the horse in this set as I really like the G3 Cantering Warmblood mare and have started conga it. With the two mares from this post my conga now consists of 3 OF and 1 CM. I have plans to repaint the rider and obstacle, perhaps I'll do some custom work on the rider as well. As for name I'm thinking Titania and she will be shown as a trakhener.

Last but not least I got another horse. I didn't get a good picture of it but here is a picture of the same model as I got. I got her from a fellow collector on the show. She really liked my Belize (Eberl Genoveva rep. S. Nordström) who was Best in Show and decided to give the horse as a Best in Show prize. I think the horse is really cute and I call her Strawberry Girl. In the future I might consider sending her away for repainting/hairing but for now she will happily reside in OF on my shelf. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Random live show pictures

Here are some random live show pictures I took in April. 

Customized Breyer classic arabian mare class.

A beautiful CollectA Tennessee Walking Horse repainted by T. Wolmer if I remember correctly.

A customized Classic arabian mare to an andalusian mare I believe.

A beautifully painted El Nathan. Seriously one of the most awesome dapple grey paintjobs I've seen in person!

Breyer Resin Totilas. I really like this one! I'd love to have one OF and one repainted.

My little CollectA Donkey Foal repainted by me and finished the day before the show. She took first in her class and made me proud :) She was also the only one of the horses I was supposed to finish before the show, who actually got finished.

One of the fjordhorse classes.

Another Fjordhorse class.

A fantasyhorse painted by the owner. This one had a really cool pattern,

Winged horses, one of the fantasy classes.

A Drafthorse class in the Breyer Stablemate and Peter Stone Chips show. I really loved these two!
A beautifully made Breyer G4 reiner cm. by S. Nordström. I'm normally not into stockhorses but this one, I really like.

Yet another fjordhorse class. Can you tell I was excited by all the fjords?
A Josine Vingerling Micro rep. S. Nordström. One of my favourites of the bunch. She was simply adorable!

A Maggie Bennett Arabian, another one of my favourites.

Another awesome Josine Vingerling mini. I believe he was painted by S. Nordström as well.

Customized CollectA Arabian Mares Class