Monday, November 14, 2016

Swedish Nationals 2016 Random Pictures

Some random pictures from the Swedish Nationals.

A beautiful Hackney.

More beautiful models.

My table.

A beautiful Indian Silver.

A very dramatic grey.

Beautiful appaloosa colour. 
Another beautiful appy colour.

My favourite mustang!

Beautiful fantasy models.

Cute CollectA model.

A beautiful classic arabian that I wouldn't mind owning.

A really, really tough arabian class.

Custom mini Ziryab.

Awesome performance entry. 
Gold Rush winning his class.

Vintage Lusitano, CZ Aurora's Carnival


Bitty Bosco custom.

The callback table for the Best In show voting.

The callback table for the Best in Show voting. 

The callback table for the Best in Show voting.

The callback table for the Best in Show voting. 
Custom fantasy horse


Performance entry.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Swedish Nationals 2016 Haul

No liveshow is complete without some addition to the collection. Below you can see my haul from the show. I got 3 rosettes, 2 champions and one reserve. I also added no less than seven models to the collection (4 won by my models, 1 bought from another collector, 1 bought at the auction held and one won in the lottery). I also won a gift card on a stablemate repaint from a Swedish artist in the lottery. I haven't decided what model I want painted yet but I have some ideas :)

The three models below will be painted/repainted. The shire foal might be baby black but I haven't decided yet :) And as for the other two I'm not quite sure on colours yet.

These two models are a bit special to me. The one on the left (Sm. G2 ASB rep.) was in the auction held during the Swedish Nationals. I have seen this model at shows before and always wanted to add her to my collection but never had the money to do so. So when I saw her in the auction I decided that I would get her. I obviously did :) The thoroughbred is made by the same artist who painted the ASB and I saw her at the sales table and early on decided that I would buy her.

The ASB has formerly been known as "Madonna" and the TB has formerly been known as "Qul's Achtung Baby" 
The little jumper I won will be kept OF and added to my unintentional G3 jumper conga.

The model I won in the lottery was also one I had my eyes on one time. I saw this model at my very first liveshow back in 2006. She won the bendables show (picture below) there and I thought her to be supercute. I thought about her, from time to time but haven't seen or heard about her since that show so when I saw her on the lottery table I hoped that I would get her, I was so happy when I did!

She is formerly known as "Tess".

"Tess" winning the BIS of the Bendables Show at the Waterfestival Live in 2006.

Next post will be some random liveshow pics :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Swedish Nationals 2016 Fantasy

I wasn't entering in the Fantasy show but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the entries :)

Decorators Championship

Horned Championship

Winged Championship. I love these two!

Other Fantasy Championship

Best in Show and Best in Show Reserve

Friday, November 4, 2016

Swedish Nationals 2016 Performance

The next posts will mostly be pictures and not as much text as I don't have too much info on the entries but I thought they were super cool and just had to share :)

Mini Liveshow, with performance entry even!

A jumping lesson gone bad!

Dressage entry.

A mini whinnie jump entry. It's so tiny!

Mule's can jump too! :) Pretty in pink.


Barrel Racing





Naughty horse!

Arabian halter

Arabian Costume


Someone had a rough night! Broken heart or maybe bachelor party gone wrong? :)

Christmas entry
Polo entry

Best In Show

Best In Show Reserve