Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Liveshow Haul!

Mostly when I get home from a liveshow there is always some little horse, ribbon or such that comes home with me. But this time I had quite a few joining me.

This time I came home with 3 Champion ribbons, 1 champion reserve, 1 ribbon for best Arabian (won by Athame) and 1 ribbon for best Thoroughbred (won by Fallen Hero) and the Best in Show ribbon won by Fandango in the OF show.

I also came home with no less than 9 new models!

The traditional foal will stay OF for now but might be remade later. The Cantering Warmblood will be destined for the bodybox to be remade. The rearing Arabian will also be remade, as will the safari toob pony and the standing G3 TB. The Drafter, foal and pony will join the collection as is. The Animal Artistry Welsh has quite some way to go before he is ready to be painted so no real plans for his future yet 😊.

And not to forget, the white paper seen under the ribbon contains two tickets to a real gallop event here in Sweden! Fallen Hero won those when he was crowned Best Thoroughbred! 😃

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Performance Show

This show also had a separate performance show. Performance isn't huge in Sweden (which is a shame since performance is an awesome part of the hobby) but the entries at this show was really high quality! I didn't manage to photograph all the entries but here are most of them:

Bumblebee in a pay and jump show. Winner of the first class.
My racing entry with So Much Stolen Hope and Narnia. Took first in the racing class.

Jokern, took second in the racing class.
My Imperia, side saddle entry. Did not place in the dressage/sidesaddle class.

Hugo, got first place in the driving class.

Tagghorn, Tramptass, MĂ„ntand and Slingersvans. The entry my boyfriend made. Placed second out of two in the driving class.

Midnight Dream, second place in the dressage/sidesaddle class.

Salcado, placed first in the dressage/sidesaddle class.

Too Good For You, western reining

Destiny's Darling, freestyle reining, winner of the western class.
Chocolate, my western trail entry, featuring my NMTM 2017 project 😊

Champion English: Salcado
Champion English Reserve: Midnight Dream

Navarre, Spanish Feria

Álvaro, spanish riding

Galactic Power, parade

Isadora, diorama.

Teer on the beach scene.

BBA Karneol, back up lesson

Zeus, Apollon, Hermes and Poseidon, water in the desert scene.

BBA Caspian second place in the first class and probably my favourite out of all the entries!

Flying Free, polo

Best In Show: Isadora
Best In Show Reserve: Salcado

Friday, May 26, 2017

Porcelain Show

At this show they had a separate show for porcelain models. I'm not a huge fan of porcelain models and only own one, which I also showed. Bellini of Decorima (Lakeshore Houdini in bay tobiano) didn't place in his class but I wasn't very surprised. The competition was tough and had a lot of beautiful models.

There were Beswick models, AAA/AAE models and others, including Hagen Renaker, Lakeshore, Starlights and unknowns. 

In the end a beautiful Beswick was crowned Best in Show with an AAA Welsh as reserve.

Best In Show Porcelain Show: Derwen Esprit, Beswick Welsh Cob OF
Best In Show Reserve Porcelain Show: Abigail, AAA Welsh D Mare OF
Derwen Esprit


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

OF Show

The show also had a separate OF-show where you were allowed to show up to 10 horses. Unfortunately I was very bad at taking photos of the classes... The models shown were Breyers, Peter Stones and Copperfoxes and varied from newer molds like Valegro to older molds like Man O War.

I showed 10 models and no less then 7 of them placed and earned qualification cards! I was very happy with that outcome. I was even happier when my Fandango (Tr. Valegro OF) was voted Best In Show.

Best In Show: Fandango, Tr. Valegro OF

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Resin, porcelain and OSC Division

Just like the Plastic division, the resin division started with the foalies! I thought there were less foals than usual, only two classes. I only had my dear Helios (RC Oliver rep. S Kern) to show in this championship and he managed to win his class but was beaten in the championship voting by the foals claiming first and second place in the Thoroughbred foal class. The champion foal was a beautiful porcelain model. I usually don't like porcelain models (too glossy and fragile for my taste) but this little darling was absolutely adorable! So was the reserve, such a tiny, adorable little baby.

Champion Foal: BBA Scottish Starshine, Rosenthal OF
Champion Foal Reserve: Salix Caprea, RC Very Little One rep. S. Nordström
Next up was Arabians and once again I only had one horse to show. There were some really, really good Arabians at the show so my only hope was that my dear Athame (AA Sabiha ret.) would place in her class to earn a qualification card. She was announced winner of the class and I was really, really pleased to see. When it was time for the champion voting I didn't pay much attention as I was pretty sure on what model would claim the championship title. So when Athame claimed the champion title I was stunned! Her reserve was the model I was certain would claim the champion title. Athame has always been a "hit or miss" model when I take her to shows. Some judges love her and then she places quite well and some judges just don't like her and then she usually places last or next to last. I, however, am thrilled with her and she is one of my most beloved models.

Champion Arabian: Athame, AA Sabiha ret.
Champion Arabian Reserve: Ahvaz Aslan, RC Khemosabi rep. S. Rhodes
After Arabians, it was time for drafters. I had three models to show and all of them had a really bad day. AR Brigadör (MM Brigadier rep. A. Gustafsson), Brego (Mini Haggis rep. by me) and Humla (RC Mara rep. S. Tostanoski) all placed dead last in their classes. The winners of the classes were very worthy and the champion titles went to a couple of beautiful models. I especially like the dapple grey Scarlet.

Champion Drafter: Geraldine, RC mini Scarlet rep. P. Lawson
Champion Drafter Reserve: Dark Shadow, Eberl Adonis rep. P. Lawson
Fortunately for me I had 5 ponies in the next championship and some of them did a bit better. Epsilon (NL New Forest OF) and If I Could Dream (HA Misty Dawn rep. A. Gustafsson) got last in their respective classes. Bellini of Decorima (Lakeshore Houdini OF) and Lady Louisa (RC Pasha rep. S. Nordström) got third and fourth in the riding pony class. The winner of the class was my Tivoli resin painted by A. Dionne, Maverick. I think he makes an adorable pony and I love his paintjob. Maverick went on to the championship voting and managed to claim the reserve title after an adorable Russtic resin shown as a Gotland pony.

Champion Pony: Midas, RC Russtic rep. P. Nilsson
Champion Pony Reserve: Maverick, RC Tivoli rep. A. Dionne
In the next championship, which was the Riding- and Carriage Horse championship, I had no horses to show. I really need to get some of my unpainteds painted so that I can enter next year. Anyway this championship was tough and diverse. Andalusians, Icelandic horses, Friesians, Morgans, Peruvian Pasos and more breeds showed in this championship. In the end a gorgeous Andalusian went on to become champion with a Marwari as reserve.

Champion Riding- and Carriage Horse: El Salvaje, RC Veroccio rep. L. Lawrynovicz
Champion Riding- and Carriage Horse: Sindhurakshak, RC Mini Marwari rep. S. Nordström
In the next championship I had some of my best show horses and they did quite well! Chester VS (Eberl Caitano rep. S. Nordström) placed second in his class. Belize (Eberl Genoveva rep. S. Nordström) took first in her class as did Fallen Hero (RC Valor rep. N. Söhn) in his. Lost All Hope (Kitty Didit rep. L. Lawrynovicz) got last place in her class. They weren't able to claim any of the champion titles but Fallen Hero was crowned Best Thoroughbred and won me some nice prizes 😊. The champion was a model I wouldn't mind owning. His colour is really nice and the model is also really nice.

Champion Sporthorse: Citat VS. Eberl Firenze rep. D. Brown
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Hamlet CH, HA Meridian rep. S. Nordström
Stockhorses were up next after the sporthorses. I had two stockhorses to show and they got second (Wherever You Go, RC Quintessance rep. by me) and last place (Shot In The Dark, RC Bat Girl rep. by me) in their classes. There were only three classes in this championship but it was tough classes with a lot of nice models. A familiar face claimed the champion title with a cute quarter mare as reserve.

Champion Stockhorse: R. Dirty Cash, RRQH #1 Carol Williams
Champion Stockhorse Reserve: Working Class Girl, RC Working Girl rep. L. Bickford
The wild- and crossbred championship was really small and was won by another familiar face. I will never ever stop admiring that model! The details on him are amazing and he is such a beauty. The reserve was another really nice mustang with really cool coloring.

Champion Wild- and Crossbred: Sahale J, RC El Embosco rep. E. Gonzales
Champion Wild- and Crossbred Reserve: Hope, RC Sophie rep. P. Nilsson
Last championship in the division was other Equus. Mules and donkeys are not a big part of my collection but that doesn't mean that I don't love to watch the cute little critters in the showring. The champion title went to an adorable donkey female and the reserve went to a mule male.

Champion Other Equus: Lotta, RC Marcimello rep. S. Nordström
Champion Other Equus Reserve: Alfons, RC Hey Mule rep. C. Jolly
When it came down to the Best in Show voting it was tough to decide on a winner as they were all very worthy. In the end the Best in Show and reserve title went to two of my favourites of the show. I like both models but out of the two, my vote was on the mustang 😉

Best In Show: Citat VS
Best In Show Reserve; Sahale J

Friday, May 19, 2017

Plastic OF and Custom Division

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend my second liveshow this year! I had a blast and thought I'd share a little show report with you 😊

First up was the Plastic OF and custom division. The first championship of the day was the foal championship. I had three foals showing i different classes, R. Peppermint (PS Weanling rr S. Nordström) took first in the stockhorse foal class, Black Pepper (Breyer Zenyatta's First Colt OF) took fourth out of four in the sporthorse foal class and Troublemaker (Sm. Scrambling Foal rr T. Wolmer) took second in his class. In the end the champion title was awarded to an adorable and intricately painted appaloosa sporthorse foal. The reserve went to a pretty Arabian foal.

Champion Foal: Busta Move, Sm. Foal rep. D. Capwell
Champion Foal Reserve: Emira, PS Yearling rep. P. Lawson
Best Novice-owned Foal, Tr. Zenyatta's Colt OF
After the foals it was time for Arabians. There were a lot of beautiful models in this championship, some of my favourites were a couple of Breyer Swaps models customized into Arabians. I think I might need to get a hold of a model like that 😊. Anyway, I had two models to show in the arabian championship and they bought showed in the same class. Farasha (Breyer Tr. Weather Girl Thunderstorm OF) took second and Shaniqua (Cl. Arabian Mare OF) took fourth in their class. A beautifully painted Huckleberry Bey claimed the champion title with a customized Breyer Proud Arabian mare as reserve. Best novice-owned arabian went to one of the customized Swaps models.

Champion Arabian: Karim Shaabab, Breyer Tr. Huckleberry Bey rep. C. Boydston
Champion Arabian Reserve: Ahvaz Lyra. Breyer Tr. Proud Arabian Mare cm K. Gerhardt
Best Novice-owned Arabian: Ahvaz Asma, Cl. Swaps cm S. Nordström
The drafters were up next. My only model in this championship, Fallen Warrior (Breyer Tr. Foxvalley Oliver OF) placed last in his class. This championship had some really cool models, some of them vintage and older than I am! Old models can still hold their own against newer models, the champion title went to a model made 31(!) years ago! And he is still in really good condition! If I remember correctly the reserve was also vintage but I can't remember how old she was. Anyway they are both beautiful models and it's great to see that they are still doing well at shows.

Champion Drafter: Simmerl, Tr. Clydesdale Mare rrh M. Baumann
Champion Drafter Reserve: Amazing Heart, Tr. Clydesdale Mare rrh LMS
Best Novice-owned Drafter: Japp, CollectA Friesian cm P. Lawson
The pony championship was quite small, only three classes but the quality was still high. For not being a pony person I managed to have 5 horses to show, in two different classes. Gold Rush (Copperfox Sovereign OF) took second in his class and Neptune (Sm. G2 WB rr. by me) placed last. In the Riding pony class Bailey (Sm. G3 Jumper rr. by me) took second, Mirabelle (Sm. Swaps rr. by me) took fourth and Remembrance (PS Pony Shoal OF) who usually does quite well didn't have a great day and placed last in the class. In the end it was the winner of the riding pony class who managed to claim the championship title with an adorable Gotland pony as reserve.

Champion Pony: Star's Goldika, Breyer Polo Pony rrh C. Johansson
Champion Pony Reserve: Vind-Ile, CollectA Dartmoor rep. P. Nilsson
Best Novice-owned Pony: Vildros. Schleich cm S. Nordström
Riding and carriage horses where up after the ponies. The championship consisted of 10 classes and I showed 5 models in 4 different classes. Most didn't do to well since competition was quite tough. White Phantom (Tr. Templado OF) placed last in the OF Andalusian class, as did Ancient Gold (Tr. Akhal Teke OF) in the other riding and carriage horses class. Since You Don't Love Me (Sm. G2 ASB rep. A. Gustafsson) took next to last place in the same class as Madonna (Sm. G2 ASB rep. C. Johansson) placed second in. Bocelli (Tr. Tregoyd Journeyman OF) did quite well, placing second in his class. The champion title went to a beautifully customized stablemate into an Andalusian mare with a beautifully painted American Saddlebred as Reserve.

Champion Riding and Carriage Horse: Tic Tac, Sm. G3 Stockhorse cm P. Nilsson
Champion Riding and Carriage Horse Reserve: Galactic Power, Tr. American Saddlebred rep. D. Brown
Best Novice-owned Riding and Carriage Horse: Majestad, Breyer Tr. Robert Vavra's Majestad OF
Next up was my favourite championship, sporthorses! The championship consisted of 7 classes and I showed 11 horses in 5 classes. 5 of my horses showed in the same class (they were the only horses in that class). Fandango (Tr. Valegro OF) took first with Imperia (Tr. Sidesaddle Strapless OF) as second, Elessar (Copperfox Finnegan OF) as third, Lord (Tr. Keltic Salinero OF) as fourth and Phoenix (Tr. Mistral Hojris OF) as fifth. In the next class I showed two models, my NaMoPaiMo model Bailando (Sm. G2 Andalusian rr. T. Melin) and Symphony D (Sm. G3 Cantering Warmblood rr. S. Nordström). Bailando took first in that class, my proudest moment of the day! I am so proud of how well I captured the color on him and I really, really like him so I was so proud to see him win a class and earn himself a qualification card! Symphony D took fourth in the same class. In the OF thoroughbred class Sunny Side N (Tr. Seattle Slew OF) took fourth in his class. Nimble's Last Thief (Tr. Zenyatta OF) took third in her class. Ice Baby, Ice (Sm. G2 TB rr. C. Johansson) and Royal's Mexican Heat (Sm. G2 TB rr S. Nordström) showed in the same class and got first and third in the class. When it went on to the championship voting I was pleased to see that Fandango managed to claim the championship title with a really nice custom thoroughbred as reserve.

Champion Sporthorse: Fandango, Tr. Valegro OF
Champion Sporthorse Reserve: Shoeless Joe, Cl. Man O' War rep. S. Nordström
Best Novice-owned Sporthorse: Arrow, Tr. Smarty Jones OF
After the sporthorses it was time for the stockhorses. My two horses did quite well. Whiskey Lullaby (Tr. JCP SR Smart Chic Olena OF) took first in the Breyer OF quarterhorse class and Chocolate (Tr. Impress Me Shannon OF) took second in the appaloosa class. This championship also had some vintage models in it and one of them really caught my eye. It was a customized Stud Spider. I am not a real fan of the Stud Spider mold but this model was so beautifully customized that I didn't recognize it as a Stud Spider. That model went on to claim the champion reserve title with a beautiful paint as champion.

Champion Stockhorse: R. Painted Robin, PS ISH rh F. Cohen
Champion Stockhorse Reserve: R. Poco Leo Chex, Stud Spider rrh E. Lindelef
Best Novice-owned Stockhorse: Big Chex To Cash, Tr. Big Chex To Cash OF
Wild- and crossbreds were the next to last championship in the plastic division. It was quite a small championship and I had only one model to show. Acuatico (Tr. Blue Suede Shoes OF) took first in his class and then he went on to claim the championship title. His reserve was a really nice Schleich custom.

Champion Wild- and crossbred: Acuatico, Tr. Blue Suede Shoes OF
Champion Wild- and crossbred and Best Novice-owned: Epona's Shilo, Schleich cm A. Göthe
There were only one class in the Other Equus championship but there were some nice horses shown. I especially like the mule that became champion.

Champion Other Equus: Bumblebee, Breyer Cigar cm S. Nordström
Champion Other Equus Reserve: Molly, PS Chips Mule OF
The Best in Show voting was tough but in the end it was the day of the Stockhorses and the Champion of the Stockhorses claimed the Best in Show title with the Stockhorse reserve claiming the Best in Show Reserve title.

Best In Show: R. Painted Robin
Best In Show Reserve: P. Poco Bueno Chex
Best In Show Novice: Ahvaz Asma
Best In Show Novice Reserve; Arrow