Sunday, February 1, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

One of my most favourite blogs is Jennifer Buxton's blog Braymere Custom Saddlery. She was my inspiration for starting this blog and her posts are always inspiring and fun to read so if you're not reading her blog already, I really recommend that you start!

Anyway, about a week ago she posted a Winter Photo Challenge where you would take 10 photos in different categories. I thought it would be really fun to enter but as I don't have my models with me I had to go find some old photos instead of taking new ones :)

1. Vintage
Carmen, a Breyer Paddock Pal Arabian rh by Anna-Karin Larsson back in 2004 is probably one of my only vintage  custom models :)

2. Nekkid
My naked Justin Tyme resin.

3. Scale issues
"You think you'll outrun me with those tiny legs? I can trot faster than you can gallop!"

4. I see spots
R. Peppermint, one of my all time favourite spotties

5. Unbridled passion
Fuego playing in the snow

6. Rare breed
Adria, Abaco Spanish Colonial Horse (formerly known as the Abaco Barb). Only one real horse still in existence

7. Portrait
Portrait of Athame

8. Conga
Stablemate foals! A very unruly conga!
9. The great outdoors
"I'm a DRESSAGE HORSE, please take me back to my arena and out of this... this jungle"

10. Best in show
My very first Best In Show title. Won by my Schleich Haflinger Foal in a Bendables Photoshow, on my birthday too. I couldn't believe my luck! And the rosette is huge (you can see how tiny she looks on it up in the left corner). She made me so happy

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